Why Purchase An Atex Handheld Device?


Having an Atex Smartphone is an essential part of many people’s lives, mainly in jobs where heavy manual labour is the norm, but also for many other occupations; pretty much anyone who has worked outside, in a warehouse or factory can attest to the fact that having a rugged handheld phone might feel cumbersome at times, but it often worked out to be the best purchase they’ve ever made, saving them several phones over the time they have had it.

ATEX (short for the French legal directive ‘ Appareils destinés à être utilisés en ATmosphères EXplosives’) is a series of EU directives dictating what phones and equipment can be used in explosive atmospheres. For that reason, it is not just possible to take any phone or tablet into a workplace where ATEX applies.

At the very least, any phone being used in an explosive atmosphere needs to be covered in a compliant case, and similarly, for tablets and PDAs, an explosion proof tablet case is not just something that is nice to have…it is a legal requirement.

Not only does it mean that your equipment is protected in case of an accident, it also means that, in the unfortunate event there is an explosion, the presence of your kit will not exacerbate the situation or open you up to scrutiny or legal proceedings.

Finding a Rugged PDA or Phone

Given the serious nature of using phones and tablets in explosive atmospheres, it is important to make sure that any equipment being purchased is actually ATEX compliant, or that anything purchased as an accessory does what it needs to do. Online marketplaces will offer cheap and attractive deals on stuff that looks the part but is not legal, or they may outright lie and say it is fully ATEX compliant.

Because we’re not just making an everyday purchase, and are looking for an ATEX smartphone for sale, the usual online marketplaces are best avoided. A quick online search will bring up hundreds of stores that exclusively sell ATEX compliant phones, tablets and accessories. Some of these will be electrical dealerships, and some may be equipment and merchants that you are familiar with like Mobexx. The old saying is definitely true here; you get what you pay for.

Do I Need To Be ATEX Compliant With My Devices?

If you work in an atmosphere where there is a threat of ignition, either through gases, dust vapours or fuels, then the answer is most likely yes. Any employer will be able to say categorically whether ATEX applies or not. But the best part is that making all of your devices ATEX compliant really cannot do any harm. All you’re doing is adding an extra layer of protection.