Best Freight Forwarder CRM and ERP Systems to improve Your Freight Forwarding Business


When we look at how challenging the logistics industry can be, it is no secret that freight forwarding companies today need to adjust themselves continuously, to be able to keep ahead of the times. In order to be able to expand successfully, businesses have to flexibly adjust their workflow processes, operations, as well as flow of information in alignment with all the extended rules and regulations that apply to freight forwarding in the present day scenario and freight forwarding software, goes a long way in helping businesses do just that.

If you take a look at organizations that are large or even mid-size, you will notice that the organizational structure is quite complicated as there are too many resources that need to be controlled, as well as processes that need to be managed. Apart from this, they also have to go on and deal with internal as well as external partners given that logistics and freight forwarding today are global in nature and a monumental amount of data and information needs to be readily available in real-time. 

In order to overcome these challenges, and also be able to establish a transparent workflow, Enterprise Resource Planning Systems or ERP systems for freight forwarders have been developed so that they can increase the efficiency of the logistics process flow, and manage resources as well as information effectively.

Along with ERP systems, CRM for freight forwarders can help in combining logistic operations as well as customer relationship into a uniform, enterprise-wide environment that has been built on a centralized database for access to information, this means that ERP systems can help in managing all the aspects of your enterprise both internally and externally so that efficient information flow can happen amongst all your logistics business functions.

With the right kind of ERP as well as CRM Systems, freight forwarders today can experience the following benefits:

  • Improved scalability, which would lead to the minimization of errors and maximization of profit due to saved time
  • Enhanced reporting which would allow various departments to be able to access information in a seamless manner, thus increasing the efficiency of your operational works.
  • Better CRM, since once an authorized user has absolute data visibility and access rights, it can improve customer relations due to better business processes.
  • Reduce complexity, as a simplified designed system of workflows, makes the logistics process most efficient.
  • Last but not least lower cost of operations as the elimination of delays and being able to collect data in real-time factors in doing so.

Thus, as one can see the right freight management software incorporates in it the most effective freight forwarder ERP and CRM systems that can help your business improve its efficiency and be able to garner maximum profits. 

To know more about how you can incorporate such software solution for your business, reach out to ShipThis and we will be happy to provide a demo for you and help you leverage technology for your business.