Why repairing your device is more affordable than outright buying a new phone


A cracked screen or a battery that drains quickly are the main problems that send you with your phone to the phone service. What’s more, there may be problems with the motherboard, which means that you have to call a team of professionals to save your smartphone.

Many of today’s phones are real treasures. Both literally and figuratively. On the one hand, if we talk about the top of the range, then we are dealing with far too high prices, on the other hand, because they have become an extension of everything we do every day: they are also cameras, and agenda and storage for everything important, from documents to emails. Then it is understandable why it becomes a real tragedy for many when a smartphone breaks down.

But the range of services they offer is very wide. Here are some of them:

– replacement of broken or cracked glass;

– screen replacement;

– replacement of the battery with an original or compatible one;

– cleaning / changing the charging plug;

– application of the protective foil, etc

Save money and all the data from your smartphone

A downside to buying a new phone is moving data from the old one. Even though modern smartphone operating systems offer some simple possibilities to move all your data, this

The team wants its products to help your device have better performance and longer life. That’s why all items that they ship are twice tested and verified. The warranties ensure you have a fantastic gadget experience while giving you total peace of mind. 

First Help Tech warrants to you that for a specific period (based on the type of the product, listed below) from the date the Phone Parts or Accessories are provided to you (“Warranty Period”), each Part and Accessory provided to you will be materially free of manufacturing defects.

Take care of your phone

As smart and powerful as today’s phones are, the more sensitive they appear to be. For many of them it’s enough to be accidentally hit by a harder object and their screen fills with cracks. Or the rain will catch your phone and water drops will seep into it and you’re done, you can’t use it anymore. But why buy a brand-new phone, when you can repair it rapidly with minimal costs?

Well, at such moments a phone service is all you need. Here you will find specialists ready to quickly make a diagnosis and solve your problem in no time.


Browse Firsthelptech.ie or contact the team at 0879720781 and choose what you need. 

process seems to be a difficult one. Plus, it will take you some time to do it on your own. Some support centers charge this service at exaggerated prices, using your little experience.

You want to save money, and buying a new phone will cost you a lot more than changing a battery or a broken screen. It’s time to rethink your budget for this issue, isn’t it?

Need spare parts for your phone?

At FirstHelpTech you are offered spare parts in conditions of maximum safety. Here you can also buy accessories for smartphones like Samsung, Huawei, or iphone battery replacement. It usually takes a maximum of half an hour to make your phone look like new.

But FirstHelpTech is also a mobile phone, tablet parts, and accessories supplier in Ireland and Europe. Here you will be able to buy a lot of much-needed accessories, at the best prices: tempered glasses, phone cases, and covers, cables and adaptors, repair tools, and spare parts. Everything for you, just one click away.