Facts to Help Choose Between Custom and Premium WordPress Theme



Almost 25-30 percent of websites on the internet are built on WordPress which surely is a good sign for the growth of the WordPress platform in the upcoming years. Using WordPress one can build a website through the custom themes provided by WordPress and at the same time there are premium themes also which are paid one. In this article, we will try to understand what all factors facilitate us to choose between custom and premium WordPress themes. You can read more about such WordPress related articles on our website.

Understanding Custom and Premium WordPress Theme

Custom themes are made from the PSD’s made out of the client’s specifications and converting them to WordPress. Premium ones are those which are already built with preset graphics and design. All WordPress sites whether they are custom or premium-based, use the same core of codes that visitors never see. In a premium theme-based approach, you have to mostly stick to already served themes and plugins.

Premium WordPress Theme Explained

The term “theme” is a predefined set of page templates that generally contain visual elements of the site quite often integrated with plugins having restricted functionalities. It is easy to make your website up and running if you find a suitable theme that matches your company profile and product. Though predefined premium themes come with few flexibilities for making it easier to configure, but is also bundled with additional code to allow possible combinations that users might want.

Custom WordPress Theme Explained   

Custom based themes are the ones that are developed from scratch and they can be amended and molded as per the requirement of a website owner. Using a custom theme approach, we can create and develop unique designs. All the plugins and sections built through this are seamlessly integrated ones and can be amended or modified in the future as per the requirement.

Custom Vs Premium

An important factor while choosing between the two is to understand whether web development agencies are willing to create new and unique designs or not. In comparison to custom based theme, it is hard in premium ones to set the right plugins and related functionalities as per your need. You may have to spend hours analyzing predefined codes in premium themes to make it customizable.


In the end, we have certain reasons to choose one over the other. If you need a small, limited budget website and lack design or development skills, you may stick to premium themes. But if you feel that your website deserves a distinctive design and look and possess development skills, you have no better option other than custom based WordPress theme.