Why does your home/office need a tower fan?


A tower fan is a kind of cooling device which is lofty and thin. It has the ability to oscillate left to right and thrust hot air to the outside.  Different from an AC, it doesn’t cool the air inside the room but this utility moreover makes it furthermore energy-efficient. It is further a simple to maneuver owing to its lightweight intend and might be shifted anywhere in the house.

Dissimilar to the electric fan, the tower fan unit acquires the minimum space. Additionally, it doesn’t comprise of the fan blades that electric fans possess which turns it a nice choice for the families with children. Lastly, a tower fan might match any appearance or feel of an apartment with its thin and modern design.

Additionally, the tower fans have provided the users with a reasonably-priced alternative to the air coolers as well. Even if you come across a listing that features the Best Air Coolers in India you may not find any model that would be priced anywhere close to the tower fans. Thus, keeping your cooling requirements in mind, you can always make the smarter choice.

Qualities of the Best Tower Fan

While you move inside a home appliance shop, you are going to notice that there will be many tower fan units to select out of. This might overwhelm any person at times, but in case you recognize the utilities to search for, then you are going to spend a calmer time choosing the best tower fan for your office or house.

Remote Control

A remote control is another feature of the best fan. You would want a fan with a remote control so that you can adjust the fan’s settings or turn it off without having to go near it.  Another feature that you may have to look for is a sleep timer so that the fan can automatically turn itself off after a certain period.


One of the more important features of top tower fan is the oscillation. Sure, most tower fans oscillate, but the good ones will be able to do so at different speeds. You must also know how far the fan oscillates so that it can reach areas of the house where there’s limited airflow.

Slim and Stylish

The tower fans are sleek, slim and tall. Some importantly the design of this device is unique and unparalleled. My favorite tower fan is Dyson AM07. This tower fan is amazing and extraordinary.

Air Purification

Moreover, the best cooling tower fan is one that can purify the air. This is particularly true if you are prone to allergies or have asthma.

Sleep Timer

You can preset the timer for the tower fan from 1-10 hours. It will save the money by cutting your electricity bill.


You can hardly hear the noise of this tower fan. Tower fan is very quieter than any type of fans like pedestal and table fan.