Innovative NDT Equipment Testing


Testing equipment is a hectic task. Complex systems and components or materials make this task difficult. But, thanks to NDT equipment manufacturers, like ATH NDT limited, it is made easy. Non-Destructive Testing or NDT for short, test the products undamaged. Conventional testing like tension tests, bend tests, or crush tests are destructive tests that damage the component. NDT has a set of scientific research and analysis workflows. This way, any flaws in the system are found out. Non-destructive testing, even though it sounds related to a tech field, it is widely used in forensic, mechanical, petroleum, electrical, civil, aeronautical, medicine, and art.

Why you should rely on NDT?

The key is that the product stays undamaged, even after testing. Also, NDT methods use a wide range of tests to analyse or observe the components physically & chemically. The conventional methods rely on physical properties such as strength or durability. Whereas the NDT approach relies on the tests that go beyond simple physical properties.

Also, the tests are very safe for the operators, except radiographic testing. Radiographic testing is conducted under strict conditions. They also have an accurate way of testing. In effect, results from different tests can be correlated to confirm the result.

Cost Effectivity

Unlike the destructive testing, NDT techniques are cost effective. Before NDT, it was not possible to check the quality of a material before malfunction. NDT’s ability to conduct testing without damaging the components lets you calculate the average lifetime of the component.

NDT Services

ATH NDT is an example of a NDT consulting agency. They provide level 3 consultants qualified for EN4179, NAS410, & ISO 9712 qualification schemes. An NDT service, like the one mentioned above, includes a lot of activities. Procedure writing & approval, technique development, annual performance reviews, employee training, data card approval, annual audits are examples.

It is pivotal to understand your system and that is where the NDT comes in. Hire a good NDT specialist so that you can understand your system better, and make tactical decisions to upgrade your system. Relying on NDT lets you analyse the system for potential failures and manage backups if required.

NDT is not limited to engineering. Every field incorporates this advanced scientific approach to understand their system better. Constantly following the NDT workflow lets you maximize the production without instrument failures. This option was not available with conventional testing methods. Find an expert like ATH NDT Limited so that you can get the best out of your system.