Salesforce events management: benefits of using the app 


Centralizing your event planning process is a great way to optimize your organization’s performance. Salesforce communities can help you with this. The event management app from Salesforce allows you to expand the functionality of an existing system significantly. You will be able to get integrated tools that target important system events:

  • registration;
  • management of visits;
  • planning.

In order to organize your event planning as best as possible, you need to find the right app from Salesforce.

Optimal Salesforce event management system

You can use native apps only within Salesforce. They don’t exist and cannot be applied as a stand-alone solution. They don’t need to be reconfigured to work as part of your CRM.

Such applications don’t need integration. Implementing software in Salesforce community events is easy and straightforward as all solutions are synchronized automatically. In other platforms, connecting third-party applications will take a lot of time and resources.

Event management programs use Salesforce as a storage location. This eliminates the need to transfer personal information between platforms. Applications are extensions of functionality, so while CRM is running, you can be sure that other functions are also actively included in the process.

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It is not always possible to predict what types of activities you will need for the full operation and growth of your company. Therefore, it is difficult to specify the full functionality of the application in advance. The best event management app from Salesforce will be able to provide flexibility when creating a new project for an event. Before you start configuring the application, you can ask yourself a few questions:

  1. How many events will you need to host? Accordingly, you can choose a software designed for one or several conferences throughout the year. Some solutions don’t limit the number of events within a certain period.
  2. Are you planning only paid or free events? If your company runs only free conferences, integrating a payment processor may be unnecessary and difficult. For a better experience with your application, choose a more flexible provider such as Advanced Communities.
  3. Are you ready to work with mobile devices? Many companies prefer to work in the cloud, but not everybody is ready to connect their phones to the cloud. Pay attention to this and ask your employees if they would be more comfortable using the community from their mobile phones via the app.

The supplier offers a wide range of products and solutions that maximize the scope of your activities and improve customer interaction.

Salesforce nonprofit event management: types of events 

In Salesforce event management system, you can choose different solutions for specific types of events. Before choosing a specific Salesforce event app, think about what kind of events you want to host. After that, you will need to select a suitable software with the required set of functions. The event management software from Salesforce that is intended for process management allows you to create:

  1. An event where you can raise funds. This could be a concert, auction or other event where people can donate money online.
  2. Conferences with pre-registration. Your partners and customers will be able to register on the community site and find out where the event will take place and how many people will attend.
  3. Training sessions with the possibility of registration.
  4. Events with a following sale of goods.

Once you’re sure of the type of event you’re going to host, move on to selecting the right Salesforce event management tools. Many companies hold various meetings over a long period of time. Suppose you’re planning a concert at the beginning of the year, and you hold corporate meetings with clients on a quarterly basis, where you discuss the latest innovations in your organization’s work.

In this case, you should opt for the best Salesforce event management app, which will contain all the necessary functionality for various events.

Events on Salesforce

Before starting to work with the application, you need to find out what components you need for performing all the functions of your company. Don’t forget to create a microsite for your project. Clients and partners will be able to register there before the start of your event, as well as find out the necessary information about your brand. This allows you to gain the trust of users.

Managing events in Salesforce offers several ticket sales options for your events. You can offer discounts or purchase with promotional codes. The application allows you to configure the maximum number of functions for convenient implementation before the start of a new event.

With the help of new components available at, you will be able to create convenient registration forms and receive reports on your events. Customize the features you need and you can see how effective is your company.