How You Can Have the Best Time with Xbox Live Gold


In the past we have already talked about the best tips for using your PlayStation 4, but now it is time to focus on the Xbox Live Gold. We’ve put together the best shortcuts you can use on your controller, streaming tips, and more tips to help you get the most out of your console.

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If you are running out of storage space on your Xbox Live Gold, you can connect an external hard drive and immediately give your system a little more capacity, as long as the unit is compatible with USB 3.0, has a capacity greater than 256 GB and You have created a partition dedicated to the Xbox. In fact, you could even connect not one but two external hard drives at the same time, if you need that much extra space.

If you connect a compatible hard drive, your Xbox Live Gold will automatically recognize it, and it will guide you through the configuration steps. From the System Settings page you can access the “Storage” section to configure your additional space in a personalized way. And if you need help you can access the official Microsoft page to solve problems. With free Xbox live gold you can now have the smartest offers.

Change the order in which files are downloaded

If you are expecting multiple games to download and install, you don’t need to expect them to do so in the console default order. You can look for the icon or tile of a game and press the menu button (identified with three horizontal lines) to then choose “Pause the download”, and thus the next application in the list will begin to download at once. You can also pause installations in the same way.

You can also find everything that is being downloaded and installed in one place by going to “My games and applications”.

Play multimedia files from anywhere

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There are different ways to play your music, movies and photos on your Xbox Live Gold . It’s as simple as plugging a USB stick into it, which will launch the Media Player application. The console will ask you to install it if you have not already done so, and from the Media Player you will also be able to access any content that you have configured through a server on your local home network.

You can also configure the streaming of multimedia content in Windows, or use a third-party application such as Plex. Another option you have is to copy your files to your OneDrive account from any computer, and then access them from the Xbox Live Gold application. Finally, you can also play DVDs and Blu-Rays from the Xbox Live Gold application, by downloading this application.