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Designing a clothing store is one of the basics of every merchant or clothing company, whether it is a large, medium or small company. , The receiving process is easy as it is possible through the application to ship the order to the place you want and this is done through your registration of data (such as the student of the product) by registering your name, your address in detail, the mobile number; The percentage of sales in the store.  [1]

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Designing a clothing store is one of the most important projects in recent years, especially the most profitable and widespread not in one country but in all countries of the world, clothing is essential and indispensable, it is natural that the percentage of purchasing clothes increase in holidays and occasions so the stores make many offers so that the rates increase The spark through which profits increase even if the store is small, then investing your money in designing a clothing store guarantees you success and increases profit, but you must study the market first through your knowledge of the products that have to increase demand and provide the needs of the public and that you have Both I have information so that competitors can excel them in your field. [1]


  What are our advantages in designing a clothing store?

  • Professionally designed design that contains the store’s logo as it works on the visual sense and attracts attention with different designs, colors and shapes.
  • Easy control panel in Arabic and other languages for easy control of the settings.
  • Providing a direct way to chat program and easy access to the merchant to inquire about your request.
  • Providing a design suitable for all smart phones (Android – iPhone).
  • Too many sections to display and a large number of pages to display an endless number of products.
  • Easy design of a water seal to be applied to all the products you are viewing.
  • Providing several methods for easy shipment, according to each country and every city, for every country in the world.
  • Strong protection of your own shop from penetration.
  • Provide printing of product bills at your store.
  • Ease of backup continuously; therefore, for some reason, if it has been exposed to erasing important data, it is easy to prepare that data again.
  • Easy to compare products to know the best products and the best prices
  • Provide statistics and a detailed map of the store for easy access to the sections you want.
  • Ease of evaluating products and sending customer opinions and suggestions.
  • Know the most requested products and prepare the customer’s wish list in the store.

Providing many electronic payment methods through Visa Card.

  • Multiple means of shipping if it is land, sea or air. [2]


  Why is the network orders organization the best in designing a clothing store?

  • Thirteen years of experience in designing stores and websites.
  • Ensure that an application, store or website is designed to be compatible with future updates and scalable for any future addition.
  • Knowing the goals, commercial identity and services, then studying them in a good and detailed study and studying the advantages and disadvantages of the competing companies in order to reach the best design compatible with your business.
  • The ability to design an electronic clothing store as quickly as possible, as we are keen to finish the work on time, taking into account the interest in quality and efficiency.
  • We can provide a website that is suitable for your capital, so we can provide you with distinctive designs prices and competition for everyone.

High-speed hosting for websites and online stores with the highest quality and efficiency.

  • Providing many distinguished offers in all platforms for electronic applications.
  • Protection, integrity, honesty and trust, protecting the site from hacking or erasing some important data and providing a backup and retrieval service quickly and easily, so your store is the most important responsibility to us.
  • Ensure that your site appears in the search engines and the first results in the Google browser, and therefore visit many customers and the emergence of the store in the first links, which leads to increased profits.
  • Your training on the control panel so that you can control the management of your site and the ease of marketing it, which leads to the success of your business and your knowledge in identifying the codes and how to deal with them.
  • Provide a strong, integrated, technical support service that contains many experts and designers throughout the week and throughout the day.
  • Provide some of the proposals that can be applied in the future in order to improve and develop the store and help you get the highest profits.
  • There is a page for contracting online, to facilitate customers and their presence to the headquarters.
  • Designing a clothing store free of programming mistakes that can occur from any other company.
  • Ease of linking the store to electronic payment methods and the ease of paying by bank cards.
  • Easy to manage products.
  • Acceptance of all bank currencies (Egyptian pound, Saudi riyal, Emirati dirham, dollar, Kuwaiti dinar).
  • We have SEO experts.
  • We have many WordPress experts.
  • Manage products and orders with ease.
  • Different prices for designs according to the different features and functions available in stores. [3]

  The importance of designing a clothing store?

It is important that the design of an electronic clothing store be an application in which the customer can search for the best and most important offers and products impacting a request in this application, it is easy to create your own account through which you can order from this application Faisal to the merchant of the store owner your request on the control panel, and Thus, the speed of executing your order and shipping the order to the place you want, by registering your important data.

So after presenting this important information about the work of designing a clothing store and the offered solutions, then It has become possible to choose the appropriate and appropriate solutions and start implementation with ease, and if you do not have sufficient experience in managing the store, it is necessary that you appoint a person who specializes in this matter and it is necessary to obtain a marketer to do many advertising campaigns and follow the results of these campaigns For the success of the project.

In the end, we thank you for visiting the Network Orders Corporation to take advantage of the clothing store design service that is offered to many customers, and we are ready to communicate with you to help you in knowing how to design a distinctive and professional clothing store at any time and are ready to answer all your inquiries and how to choose the best A clothing store design company and the best web design company and know the advantages and disadvantages. [4]


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