What Experts Say About Buying Instagram Followers


Buying followers for your Instagram account can be a waste of money for many reasons. Mainly because the accounts following you are not real.

Various services

When you buy Instagram followers from various services that are just fake followers. These accounts might bring some followers in the beginning because, with thousands of these fake accounts, real followers will at least give your account a look. So, if your content is not particularly good, these real followers usually will not come back. All of this drains your account’s performance metrics. In other words, this can just be a waste of money. There is no real long-term value for your profile or your business. You might get a few:

  • Views
  • Likes
  • Comments

But any real attention that they can help within the beginning usually will not last long.

No engagement

Why is this – simple – let’s say you have bought 10,000 followers but there is no engagement on your account and it is this engagement that is the key to how the Instagram algorithms display stats and information about you to other real users. Without comments or likes, your post will also not show up on the audience’s newsfeeds nor show up on any Explore pages. Having much followers but metrics that are bad shows others that something is wrong with your account.

Might help at first

Many of you might believe that a lot of followers could convince users to follow you organically, but there is really no guarantee. In fact, most experts in this area will tell you buying followers is just a waste of money and can even have the exact opposite effect. And a great many of these accounts are just bots.

Waste of money

Having no real followers to engage in your content, your posts are basically hidden from everyone except your fake audience. Your fake followers cannot share your post on any channels and cannot discuss your brand in real life with family and friends since many do not exist in real life. So, buy cheap Instagram followers is actually just a waste of money.