Things to Remember When Writing a CV for the Digital Marketing Position


If you are currently looking for a position in digital marketing, it is important to focus on about 1 or 2 core areas of this field. It is also important to have to use a layout that will best show the type of experience in marketing that you have had. Do this with relevant links on the header of your resume. Also, show off your writing skills and tell a story that is compelling in a short professional summary.

First impression

A resume or CV is the first impression you have to catch someone’s attention – the knock on the door to get you an interview. Research shows that most recruiters spend only about 6 seconds looking at a CV for any advertised position. This means you have about the time it takes to read this sentence in order to make a good impression so any articles you can find on CV tips also will help you in developing your CV.

Some things that help

With these positions in digital marketing in such demand, you need to catch the interest of a recruiter as quickly as possible. Here are some things to help you get noticed. These include:

  • Always keep it simple
  • Know your audience
  • Make certain you know your value and sell yourself
  • List your qualifications
  • Proofread, then do it again

Make it simple

This is a tip that is frequently ignored. When writing a CV, you cannot take the chance of ignoring this “golden rule”. If you do any research on writing a CV, this will be in almost every article on writing a great resume.

Know your audience

If you are applying for lots of positions, it might seem a chore to write your CV over and over again – but it is worth it. And since you are trying to get a marketing job – treat your CV as an exercise in marketing. By knowing your audience, you will gain a recruiter’s attention will be attracted to writing that matches the role that they need to fill. Tailor your CV to a job specification in order to highlight your most relevant skills – using terms that are specific to digital marketing.

It is also vital to follow all the other tips listed above.