Technology ideas you should focus and invest money in 2022


Technology is a big thing in 2022. We will explain tech ideas that may turn into business ideas.

Spotify artists – invest in them

Technologies like SoundCloud and Spotify apps have changed the music industry. Technology is changing the world fully. You should invest in Spotify artists. Find artists that are not popular but you like their music. If you believe that they have big chances of success, invest money and start this as a side hustle. Buy Spotify plays PayPal and you can also do traditional PR too. 

Recording online courses

Recording ready-made online courses for sale. You most likely could notice how different courses began to appear on the online market. These are recorded videos that can be used for staff training, student training, and even schoolchildren. If earlier such courses were very rare, today their number is growing significantly. Everyone understood that it is possible to train people on a remote basis. At the same time, the efficiency remains very high, and the cost of such training is minimal. You can make pretty good money doing this if you develop your own unique approach to business. There is an idea to create ready-made online courses and sell them ready-made. Also, you do not need to initially focus on educational institutions and create courses for them. It is better to pay more attention to office workers.

For example: you can take new software that is just starting to be introduced into offices. Employees of these offices should work in the new program, but they have not yet been trained. They can not use all its functionality. Here you appear with your courses that you recorded earlier. Created a convenient material in video format, by which you can easily learn the program. Large companies or even a software developer will buy such courses from you. The cost of one package of courses can be estimated at several thousand dollars. Therefore, the profit here is very large. 

Creation of creative packaging

It has long been no secret that packaging sells a product. Surely I could notice how attractive and original packaging makes you stop and examine the product in more detail. I also probably noticed how high-quality packaging helps to sell goods more expensively. For example: pasta of the same variety. In a simple transparent package, pasta will be valued at one amount. And if this packaging is more creative and made of cardboard, then the price can be increased several times. In fact, this is the same product that is simply sold at a higher price. It is not surprising that specialists in the development of such packaging are highly valued among large companies today.

Companies are investing a lot of money in this direction. They have in their office a group of credit advertisers who develop advertising. You can also make money in this area. Open your creative packaging development agency, you will notice how quickly the first clients appear. If you do your job well. And the packaging will help the manufacturer to sell more goods and at a higher price, then he will be your regular customers. Initially, you can focus on local manufacturers. Which certainly can not support a group of creative advertisers. Create a commercial offer and distribute it to all small producers in your region. Surely there will be those who will be interested in your offer and invest in advertising.