Top Best Media Player for PC Windows & Mac


At the very beginning, it should be stated that there are manytop video players for Mac. It mainly depends upon the user how they would like to use. In many cases, the user has a different requirement too. However, keeping this in mind, let’s go through some important ones that can help you in a much better way. A bit of information about the video players can help them to choose the best one at the same time.

  1. VLC Player:

It is always considered as one of the most commonly used players for PC. It is quite compatible and easy with almost all the versions of windows like the Linux, Mac OS. It can be understood by anyone. So, it is quite user-friendly. Various types of audio and video formats are supported by VLC Player. It also provides some basic features like the playlist feature, photo capture of the videos, etc. Third-party plugins are also supported by VLC. It is open-source and is always available for free software. This media player is also suitable for listening youtube songs for kids as its comes with the handy features and easy interface. It is always suggested to use it once for getting some better experience.

  1. Pot Player:

It is also counted as the most popular and reputed media players for windows. Supported by all types of video and audio formats Pot Player is always available for both free and supported plugins, ciodecs and subtitles. The user can also set the screen size as per their requirements. If anyone is a Windows user then Pot Player can be a very good choice.

  1. DivX Player:

If you are planning to watch high-quality videos then DivX player is the best option. On the other side, if you are also looking for some free play along with extra features, then it is also the best choice. It also supports multiple audio tracks. Div X player is also renowned for providing playlist features. With this, the user can easily keep track the things that they have watched earlier. It has attractive graphics that attract people.

  1. XBMC/Kodi Player:

It is also taken as a very popular media player that is quite comfortable with any type of window versions like the Linux or the Max.It supports all types of audio and video formats because it is open source software. There is no such requirement of any external codecs or supported features like noise reduction, playlist, video capturing, audio filtering, etc.  So, it is really unique in all aspects.

  1. Elmedia:

Elmedia is considered as one of the most amazing video downloader for Mac and other devices. It comes for free to stream videos on Mac devices and also supports iOS, Apple Tv, and Android. You can copy the url of the video and it will play without any ads or any further disturbance. It supports all file formats like MKV, FLV, MP4, M4V, AVI, DAT, MOV, etc. It also comes with HD playback option. It also comes with its subtitles options. Overall, it helps your video downloading experience.

People in the recent fast-moving technological world is getting used with this modern device. They are really satisfied with the performance of the latest used applications. Gone are the days when people used traditional systems. It is also expected that within a short time there will be more such inventions that will help people to a great extent. In fact, most of the media player has turned out to be a very important tool before the people. They have good compatibility and easy to operate options.