What is the cost of developing a mobile app in Toronto in 2020


As there is a huge demand for mobile applications, everyone who wants to start an online business prefers to know the cost of developing the mobile app and the development process. To get a proper cost estimation there will be many factors like features and functionalities of the app, platform of the app, the complexity and time of the app and many other factors.

Types of mobile apps

Native apps

Native apps are heavy apps which offer amazing user experience and fast work. They use a number of device’s APIs and have a variety of features at the same time. Native apps will be a bit expensive as more number of people are involved in the app development process.

Hybrid apps

Hybrid apps are cross-platform apps which are suitable to reach a bigger audience. Their maintenance costs are less as there will be a single code that works for all platforms. These apps are less optimized and lack access to APIs. These apps are suitable for small and medium communication apps or game apps.

Factors that influence cost of mobile apps

Mobile app development cost of majority mobile app development companies in Toronto depends on various factors like features and functionalities of the app, platform like Android or iOS, app requirements, time taken for app development and also the complexity of app.


Mobile apps basically have features depending on the client requirements. The basic features includes:

Login – Most apps ask for login via phone no or by email after downloading. To make it easier for customers, most apps use Facebook login.

Profile – Every mobile app asks for a detailed profile. Mobile apps also have the option to integrate the data from Facebook to create the user profile.

Real time tracking- Customers can track their order live, estimated time of delivery and location of the delivery person through real-time tracking.

Push notifications – This keeps the customers updated with the latest updates on the app. Also some business apps send notifications about when their product will be delivered.

Social media Integration – By integrating social media platforms makes the mobile app easier to use.

Time & complexity to develop the app

The development cost of a mobile or a web app in Toronto depends on the number of hours the project may take to complete. The cost of mobile apps depends on three categories based on how long the app takes to implement and the app functionalities: simple, middling complexity, and highly complex. The average cost of developing a mobile app in Toronto is $50 per hour rate.

The simple apps will take 12 weeks and $30,000 to complete the mobile app. Coming to middling complexity apps, it will take 16 weeks and $50,000 to complete the mobile app. The highly complex apps will take 24 weeks and 24 weeks to complete the project.


There are many mobile app development companies in Toronto which offer mobile apps at different costs even for a very low cost. But it is required to gather information about the genuine mobile app development company which offers high-quality mobile apps within the deadlines for a reasonable price to boost your business.