Status Saver 5in1: The Best Social Media Downloader


The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has locked all of us inside our homes, forcing us to live our life in quarantine. As most of us have free time during this event, the time we spend on social media has increased significantly.

We come across many videos on social media, some for social awareness, some for promoting their talent, and some just for fun. Many videos on the internet touch our hearts. However, most of these videos cannot be downloaded by the general public.

To resolve such problems, a new social media downloader application has been launched in the market – the Status Saver 5in1 App. The app has received much love within a very short period. It has made downloading videos from social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, etc. easier.

Feature of The App That People Should Know About

The Status Saver 5in1 app poses some great features which makes it easy for the people to use the app.

1.      A 5in1 App:

As the name of the app itself says, it is a 5in1 app. It is compatible with the following five social media apps – WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. So whenever in any of these platforms you feel you want to save something for your status, now you know which social media downloader to choose.

2.      Easy and Professional User Interface:

The app has been designed in a very user-friendly way. It’s easy to use applications that allow even a layman to use the app with perfection. Download and try the new Status Saver 5in1 app and it’s for sure that you would have an amazing experience downloading media from various social media platforms.

3.      Compatible to All Multimedia Formats:

The app in addition to supporting five social media platforms also supports the downloading of any multimedia format starting from image to videos. So be it an image, a GIF or a video, you can download anything from this app.

4.      Sharing with Friends:

It’s not only about downloading, but you can also directly share the media with anyone you like and there are no restrictions.

5.      Watermark Free:

The only thing that bugs our minds up is the watermark that appears throughout a video or an image when we download it using an app. But with Status Saver 5in1, nothing of this sort happens. The most wonderful thing about the app is that it does not use any kind of watermark in the media. So now you can upload images and videos without having to worry about the app logo being flashed throughout your video or image.

6.      Download Speed:

The app has an exceptionally good download speed. You can easily download hundreds of videos in a matter of minutes. So, it also saves you time.

The Status Saver 5in1 app has been developed with much thought is and is doing well in the market. So, all the status and good content lovers, what are you waiting for? Download the app now and get the best of images and videos for your status from various social media sites. It is by far the best social media downloader app ever launched.