How to choose an SD memory card for different cameras


Choosing a memory card for your special needs becomes a bit complicated. There is always one thing you can, and should do before you go to the store, which can save you a lot of time and money: read the device manual. Often the manuals include a section where the types of memory cards accepted and recommended for that specific device are indicated.

So if you want to buy SD card from wholesaler for your flash device shop, then visit this site. But before buying SD card, Read these following points and know about which card supports which device.

What is the best SD card for a 4K camera or drone?

The best thing to do is to consult the manufacturer’s manual or website. If not, the safest option is to choose one with the maximum speed possible. To record at 4K, the most advisable is to choose a card with V30 or U3 certification. If you are already recording in 8K, 360 degree video or images from several sources simultaneously, you should choose a V60 or V90 card. But you should always consult the manufacturer to make sure what he recommends.

What is the best SD card for an action camera?

If you have old cameras which record video at lower speeds and record 4K video at 30 FPS, it should not go beyond a Class 10 card.

If you have a new camera which is capable of recording 4K video at 60 FPS, you need faster card, for example one with U3 or V30 certification.

What is the best SD card for a DSLR camera?

The main thing is that the class definitions for memory cards are mainly about video recording. Cameras are not as sensitive to interruptions, because when you need to record sequences of many photos, the camera’s internal buffer can store data while the photos are sent to the card. So in this case, even the slowest cards can do the job. So, if you need speed, choose V30 or V10 cards, or take a look at the speed announced on the packaging, the higher the better. Choose a memory card based on the fastest writing speed. Usually 40 MBps or 50 MBps arrives for most cameras, whether consumer or semi-professional.

What is the best SD card for a surveillance camera?

In surveillance cameras, cards are usually installed once and serve as a backup in case the cameras lose access to the Internet or the local network where the recording device is located. In this case, the best option is to buy the card with the highest capacity that also has the indication “High Endurance”. These cards support more abuse and more recording cycles.

What is the best SD card for Nintendo Switch?

In Nintendo switch, the best memory cards to use with your Switch console are UHS-I with a transfer rate between 60 and 95 MBps. Do not confuse UHS-I with classes U1 or U3, which just mean that the cards have transfer speeds of 10 and 30 MBps respectively. According to Nintendo, the faster the transfer speeds, the better the gaming experience. In this case, the ideal is to get the card with greater capacity.

What is the Best memory card for a smartphone or tablet?

Due to the limitations that exist in the way these devices manage the storage of data on memory cards, recording applications on the card can be somewhat frustrating, however an A-rated card -1 can help. If you only want to record photos and video, pay attention to the recording speed.