How to communicate with your co-worker effectively?


We all talk and communicate with our loved ones and co-workers daily. From talking over the phone to messaging, we are communicating with each other day in and day out. Although we are communicating every day, there is always room for improvement.

If communication is not proper, it leads to confusion and chaos. In the workplace, communication becomes all the more important because wrong communication can cost the company a lot of money. A recent study showed that wrong communication costs a company thousands of dollars every year. Therefore, communication needs to be effective in order to achieve the set goal and avoid chances of incurring losses.

A company only succeeds if it’s business strategy is spot on and if the employees are communicating with each other properly. If the employees communicate with each other is a more effective way, then the production level increases automatically. It is a natural logic that everyone wants their opinion to be heard. If an employee feels that his or her thoughts are not being attended to, then he or she feels that the company does not need her anymore. This leads to resignation. Resignations can cost companies a lot because companies spend huge amounts of money and resources to hire the perfect candidate. And if the employees leave the company due to a small reason like improper communication, then it is surely a matter of concern.

To improve the communication system within a workplace, businesses are nowadays hiring communication specialist companies like Avaya Kenya. These companies provide an array of solutions that can help ease out the entire process of communication. Other than specialized solutions for communication, one can also work on their soft skills to improve their communication skills. Here are ways by which you can do it. 

Be clear of what you want

It is important to always know the backbone if every communication. Do not have a doubt or be unclear what is told to you. Ask for clarifications in order to be crystal clear of what your sender wants from you. 

Train to become a good listener

It is important for you to become a good listener in order to understand what your coworker is trying to explain. If you can listen well, then the conversation automatically becomes more productive.