Practical Options for the Tiktok Users Now


Postproduction is intuitive and the effects are easily applied. While the video is developing you have to press the effect at the moment you want it to appear. The variety of modifications is quite high and varied, multiply the image, invert the timeline, fill the screen with stars or spots of color and it’s not just about playing with the images, you can also mix the sound and set one of the frames as a cover.

The Options for you

You don’t have to do the process from start to finish in the same session, you can save a draft and touch it up as much as you want before publishing. Before uploading the final video, you can choose whether anyone can watch it, profiles that are friends of the user, or whether it will be private, so the app can be used as a video editor on your mobile and skip the social network part. You can also maintain privacy and send a visual code to those who want to give permission to follow an account. For the tiktok fans this is real good news.

The main users of the app are very young and feel like a fish in water on social networks, they are used to sharing content and TikTok gives them an extra point by allowing collaborative videos in which you can catch a video of less than 15 seconds that another user has made and activate the Duo option, which divides the screen in two: on one of the halves the images that already exist appear and on the other, new ones are recorded, exporting the joint result.

Digital detox so teens don’t spend too much time on mobile

It is very easy to get something great in just a few minutes of use, and that is also the ability to absorb user time. In the profile are the parental control options under the heading ‘Digital detoxification’, with the option of managing the daily operating time of the app and establishing a restricted mode that filters inappropriate content for minors. On the TikTok page there is a fairly extensive section dedicated to the parents of the users (at ) in which keys are given to avoid cyber bullying or control the time that the kids are using the application with the mobile.

  • The younger generations are comfortable in audiovisual communication for them, video calling is part of everyday life and the image is their most common way of interacting on social networks, whether on Twitter, Instagram or TikTok.
  • Ease of use and stunning videos finish explain why TikTok has succeeded and continues to grow in popularity among teens. At the same time, they are the reason that the rest of the users, who are older, do not feel comfortable in a network that speaks a language that is different from what is habitual and unknown to them.

A part of the videos is dedicated to jokes in many cases of dubious taste, but the general atmosphere is more daring and casual than Facebook, without the voracious criticism that is usually generated on Twitter or the constant ‘posturing’ of Instagram although, as in this last network, there are famous ‘tiktokers’ with several million followers.