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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is known as the Narrow AI designed to perform the narrow task. With the advancement in technology, Advanced AI could easily profound extensive changes in the history of the human. IAIDL AI certification becomes progressing rapidly. Many science fiction movies portray Artificial Intelligence as Robots as human-like characteristics. Most of the people are highly anticipated with the creation and advancement of Artificial Intelligence for better achievement. The intelligence machine recognizes the image and objects and therefore it seems to give the superhuman performance on all time that make a decent job by translating the text from 1 language to recognizing speech or another. They aim to connect more people and increasingly this means facilitating better communication between people and so AI with the digital world.

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The AI machine takes some sort of knowledge and intelligent agents whereas that seems clear and clever enough in order to do different tasks including accessing information. once an AI is a little smarter than us, she will be able to learn even faster than we ever can. This would then make the human race totally obsolete in the battle of evolution or at any rate, assuming that only intelligence is the only factor to be taken into account in evolution. Whatever be the form of this singularity, it seems that it will manifest itself. For an AI would not necessarily be endowed with feeling, but would have above all an objective to achieve and considerable means to achieve its goal via means beyond our understanding. Thus, it would be necessary to give IAIDL AI certification and a very precise mission.

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Such a system potentially undergoes the recursive self-improvement and triggers the intelligence explosion to leave the human intellect far behind. Indeed, a great AI will improve with time, becoming more and more intelligent and increasingly effective. Even, if using all available physical particles to make billions of billions of trombones, including us. Many researchers also agree that when the Super Intelligent AI is used for exhibiting human emotions such as hate or love, then AI technology could become a risk of two scenarios. With inventing these revolutionary new technologies like Super Intelligence are helpful for eradicating the war, poverty or disease. The creation of the strong AI would be the biggest event in humanity, but some experts are concerned unless we align the goals of the AI for it becoming super intelligent.