The importance of Mobile Hearing aids 


Hearing aids today are more advanced than ever! One of the most significant advances in hearing aid technology is pairing with a range of smartphones, together with the Apple iPhone and various Android phones. The connection between your smartphone and your hearing aid provides a long list of incredible benefits.

Hearing Aids and happiness

Studies show that hearing aids can increase your satisfaction and quality of life. If you have hearing loss and opt not to wear hearing aids, you can lose far more than you think. There are many ways hearing loss can make your daily life difficult, including:

  • Mental health and cognitive decline
  • Communication frustrations
  • Increased health and accident risks
  • It reduces earning capacity
  • Social and relationship withdrawal

The good news is that hearing aids can improve your level of well-being and your quality of life. In short, hearing aids can increase your level of self-confidence and fully restore your ability to enjoy the daily challenges of friendship, work, and life.

Benefits of Mobile Hearing Aids:

Today’s smartphones work with hearing aids to offer the following benefits:

  • More comfortable and less noticeable configuration control: With the mobile app, you can quickly adjust many hearing aids on the go. This gives you more control over how much you hear. Many hearing aid apps allow you to program your favorite settings. Some apps can be repositioned and adjusted automatically.
  • Direct streaming from the phone to the hearing aid: Calls become clearer with compatible smartphones. From the ring to the conversation, mobile can connect directly to hearing aids to stream sound.
  • Flawless conversations in restaurants, meetings, and many other difficult situations: You can also use your smartphone as an additional microphone to properly stream conversations to your hearing aids.
  • Enjoy the music: Music can be one of the most challenging sounds to recover in the event of hearing loss. Some hearing aid brands offer the option to stream music directly from your smartphone to your hearing aid.

Pairing your smartphone with your hearing aid will give you more control over your listening experience. Contact your hearing care professional for information on how your hearing aid interacts with your smartphone. Features may vary depending on the brand of hearing aid and the type of smartphone.

Why do you need Hearing Aids?

Do you often ask yourself, “Why do you keep being told that you need a hearing aid when you can hear?” If you have hearing loss, you are not alone. Hearing loss is a normal part of the aging process, but it is becoming an increasing problem for young people.

However, many people with mild hearing loss refuse to get hearing aids and prefer to live with such difficulties. Researchers estimate that about 86% of Americans over the age of 50 who have hearing loss do not wear hearing aids.

Many people ask themselves; “Why do I need a hearing aid?” These reasons include:

  • Self consciousness
  • Fear, vanity
  • Cost concerns

However, refusing to have a hearing test or to improve your hearing loss can have severe and very costly consequences for your life.

Financial well-being

Hearing loss is related to an average of $30,000 reductions in income. Studies have shown that hearing aids can almost wholly reverse this reduction, and you can also enjoy your work life.

Hearing aids are an effective and proven treatment for hearing loss. Talk to Mobile Hearing Aids today to show you how hearing aids can improve your quality of life and happiness.