Why is a Decentralised Social Media App Perfect for You?



You must have heard about big social network names and probably have an account in those where they ask you to update a lot of details about you. Well, those are the centralized Social Media platforms. With years, these centralized ones have got embroiled in a lot of controversies owing to data loss and leakage, and that is why a new trend of decentralized Social Media app is getting more and more famous. Let us see why using one such app is going to be perfect today, leaving the centralized ones behind.

Be the Master of Your Kingdom

The centralized social media platforms know a lot about you. They collect these details and store them under a single big entity. On the contrary, decentralized ones are all yours. You have your data, your identity, your thoughts, and Social graphs all under a decentralized storage system, which is super safe and has no chances of leakage. Are you Instagram lover? if yes, then you must check famoid instagram

You can rely on Pden, which is a decentralized Social Media platform. Based on opensource software called Block stack, your data is safe with them.

Stay Out Of Virtual Fame and Vanity Metrics

Pden does not have provisions for like counts, retweets, shares, and all of such virtual stuff. What you see in centralized apps offering these are merely the depiction of your real fame. On Pden, you need to care only about quality content.

Pden does not have algorithms to decide and keep disturbing you about what is good or bad for you. Your posts are free and arranged in chronological order without any extra formality.

Post Your Heart’s Contents Anytime

Pden is the best to express and share your thoughts, views, and perceptions. You have complete freedom to share anything you wish and let the world know who you are. Your profile is like a book, where all of your thoughts and posts stay together. Just like that, there are also thousands of other books on other people’s accounts. One of the great features is that you can borrow someone’s book and keep it on your feed.

These are the reasons why standing in today’s world, decentralized Social Media apps are the best for you. Not that they give you the freedom to express yourself, you can also stay away from flaunting virtual fame through likes, followers, shares, and so on. Apps like the one mentioned earlier are one of the best apps that you can use.