Developing technology trends of 2022


Artificial intelligence and cybersecurity

Of course, artificial intelligence (AI) will be relevant in 2022, with algorithms, robots and other developments. It will be addressed in particular through the question of ethics. This technology still raises concerns about possible damage related to the data used to train a system, such as facial recognition. Ethics was already an important subject at the end of 2021, Unesco having published a global recommendation on the subject or China having presented guidelines on this subject. AI will also be mentioned in 2022 with autonomous cars. These have also been talked about at CES at the start of the year, where several companies have announced their intention to market models for personal use. The technology is certainly not perfect yet, but some brands have seen advances in 2021. The Waymo and Cruise brands have been authorized to market their autonomous services in California, Mercedes-Benz plans to sell such a vehicle in Germany this year after gaining the country’s approval on its Tier 3 system, and France, which is in the experimental stage , aims to have self-driving cars circulating in predefined areas as early as September 2022. On the cybersecurity side, the end of the year was marked by a wave of panic on the Net following the discovery of a flaw in software used by several services and applications. A concern justified by the fact that cybercriminals generally exploit these vulnerabilities to attack their victims. Many companies, hospitals and other organizations have also been targeted by ransomware in 2021. This very lucrative technique of blocking access to computer systems until a ransom is paid will always be used by cybercriminals. in 2022. The latter will also continue to bet on the popularity of cryptocurrencies to make money by developing scams more or less sophisticated as they did last year. Faced with the rise of these computer crimes, countries’ efforts to strengthen their cybersecurity should continue.

Youtube and it’s importance

Youtube has grown significantly this few years, it has become a new face of video sharing and uploading, people base their whole lifes around youtube, some upload their every day’s on youtube, basically living on the platform, and some take it on another level and get their income from youtube, this basically means that you can live off youtube if you are really keening on it.  You get this income from youtube views, and some videos on platforms are so popular that they get instant youtube views.

Virtual reality and augmented reality

Augmented reality and virtual reality are two different technologies that have been trying to establish themselves for a few years. Moreover, they are not new and many players have tried to impose them on the general public or the business world, with more or less success. In 2022, they could finally prevail with the help of the metaverse. The subject (see above) is at the heart of a fierce battle between tech giants, taking the form of a universe in which the real and the virtual end up merging. This result is achieved through the technologies of virtual reality, which promotes immersion, and augmented reality, which enriches the real world by adding various virtual elements. Highly anticipated, they will continue to accompany helmets and other connected glasses over the coming months. Several manufacturers have recently distinguished themselves ( Meta , Xiaomi , Oppo , Huawei , etc.) and the competition is likely to increase. Apple could also enter the market, which is waiting for a strong signal to finally take off. An arrival that would change a lot of things, starting with the eyes of users.