Rezx-A standalone 4K projector with an integrated screen 


Have your ever struggled with connecting your laptop to your projector? We all have been there and also have dreamed of a standalone projector. Well, our dreams are answered in the form of Rezx. Rezx is the stand alone, innovative 4K projector from Veren industries. This projector comes with DLP technology which will give you a sharp yet crisp and clear image. Here comes the best part, this projector is equipped with a built-in touch-screen and due to this you don’t have to attach any external device with it. This feature makes it completely independent. 

Instead of struggling to connect an external device with a projector, try Rezx as it is perfect for using at home, you can have a super cute movie night with your girlfriends, or arrange a movie night for your kid’s birthday party or you can just have a cozy date with lots of popcorn. On the other hand, this project is great for work as well. You can use it for office presentations and your clients will surely be impressed by the high-quality image.

Since this projector has innovative all-digital control preferences, so people prefer using it instead of their flat TV. You can get the same quality image so why not watch movies or your favorite shows on a projector?

Some of the amazing features of this technologically advanced projector are:

  1. Display control screen: The projector comes with a 5-inch display control screen with which you can have maximum control. 
  2. Phone function control: Since this projector is compatible with phones, so you can have a control function with phone as well. 
  3. Internet capability: The projector comes with a built-in browser. 
  4. Power bank: The projector comes with a chargeable power bank as well. 
  5. Jack: You can even attach headphones to it, if you want to watch a movie without disturbing the people who are sleeping then you can use the 3.5mm jack for headphones. 
  6. Built-in speaker: With ordinary projectors, you have to attach speakers as well, so, with this projector you get built-in speakers. 

Some of the features of its functionality are: 

  1. Projects videos: You can easily watch YouTube videos or any other videos with this projector. 
  2. Display images: You can watch the images of your latest vacation with your family. 
  3. Enjoy Netflix: Get the projector to watch your most favorite shows and movies in high-quality. 
  4. Play video games: Enjoy game competitions with your friends or family.
  5. Screen mirror: You can even screen mirror your phone with this projector. 

The mission of Veren industries is to come up with valuable technological products which the people can enjoy in their daily life. The products aim to last and they are designed to meet the need of every customer. 

If you are a gamer, you can use this projector to play games on your own or to play tournaments with your buddies. Families can watch movies and shows together and spend a quality family time. college students can also watch movies or documentaries for school, they can even practice for presentations. 

It can get quite difficult to steam a video on a projector because first you have to connect an external device, then you have to get speakers to add to it and then you need access to internet. You have to do all this just to play a video. However, with Rezx, you have access to all these things with a control panel of the projector. 

To produce this innovative yet amazing projector in mass quantities, Veren industries need your help in the form of donations so that they can create custom Android OS to work with the chip of the projector. The funding will support the Veren industry to hire software developers and also for the production of 500 units. This projector will be life-changing for many, as it will give a high-quality image, greater control only with a control panel and without the need of an external device. So, please fund as much as you can because you will surely enjoy this projector in your living room to watch movies and shows with your pals.