The Best OF Overwatch Uses As per the Requirement Now


Overwatch is a multiplayer action and first person shooter game for Xbox One, PS4 and PC, which requires player skill to aim to hit their attacks. Even asism, it is not always possible to train properly during matches. Check out some tips to improve your in-game aim:

Keep aiming always high

This tip may seem obvious, but it is not. Keep the aim always high, preferably at the same height as the head of the opposing team’s characters. Even when walking or running through the phases, try to keep your aim up, never looking at the ground. With the boost in overwatch you can have the best options.

This not only trains your aim, but also prevents you from being caught off guard when an enemy comes out of nowhere, just around the corner of a stage, or falling from a large high spot in front of you without warning.

Snipers off the front line

As tempting as it may be, don’t get in the front line and along with large combat groups featuring sniper characters, the snipers. Heroes such as Hanzo, Widowmaker and Ana Amari can be used from a distance, and are a great opportunity to train your sights.

Stages such as Gibraltar Observatory and Mumbani are some of the phases that allow this more easily. Use strategic points on the map to position yourself – preferably out of enemy sights – and try to practice your aim while enemies do not come close or appear in your field of view.

Reduce sensitivity

Reducing the sensitivity of the aim is always a great choice. This tip is for both the desktop version and console edition. On PC, you can reduce mouse sensitivity even outside the game, within the internal settings of your machine’s “Control Panel”.

However, within the game it is also possible to adjust the sensitivity to a level that allows for more accurate and less moving movements. Do this in the Overwatch options and settings menu, and then test the result in the game’s training mode to see if it worked and is appropriate.

Avoid the Soldier 76

Soldier 76 is one of the Overwatch characters that we should avoid selecting if we want to train our sights. All because of your Ultimate hit, which makes the shots hit the enemies even if the aim is not very correct on them.

As tempting as it may sound, this kind of Ultimate doesn’t let you better aim, since it makes it easier, even for a short time. Try to play with Soldier 76 only after your training is more complete and practice has improved.

Shooting training

In training mode the player can test his aim and shots without worrying about enemies from online mode. This scenario is even better than it looks, as it has moving targets that won’t attack you right away.

Of course, the movement of the targets in this training mode is standardized, so no surprise, but nothing prevents you from aiming a little better after about half an hour of training with the robots here.

Train with Lucio’s bot

Lucio is one of Overwatch’s characters and also the hero who has the power to make others faster. Training with him can greatly help your aim during Overwatch matches. Preferably to use snipers such as Widowmaker, Ana or Hanzo.

Lucio’s speed-boosting power is virtually ideal for anyone who wants to aim and perfect their attack speed. The faster the target is, the better the player’s aim will have to be, so it is a great choice to enhance this aspect. Tracer is another character well suited for practice, as chasing the young woman who is able to teleport through the stage is not always a very easy mission.