How to Fix Various Problems During Your Windows Login Process?


Quite often after turning on your computer suddenly something happens and you can no longer login into the Windows. You may see the login screen, but after entering your necessary password nothing happens.

There can be many such issues that most users often face while using their laptops or computers. 

Regardless of your problem, you should be able to troubleshoot the problem to start your work. Here, in this post, we will provide you a few simple guidelines to fix your few common login problems. If you do not find that is helping you then you must consult an expert.

  • Check your internet connection

If you are using your Microsoft Account and recently you have changed the password for your account on the web, then possibly that your computer must have not recorded your new password. 

To get your password recorded on the computer, you will need an Internet connection. Ensure your computer is properly connected to the Internet. You may also reset your router and try to log in again. If you still fail to log in then perhaps you have a different issue.

  • Restart your computer

Often your computer may enter into a certain mode and fail to come out of that quickly. Therefore, you need to restart your computer by switching off your computer’s “Power” button and allow your PC to reboot.

You must restart your PC at least twice, and after that, you may proceed to log in again to your Windows operating system by using your local or Microsoft account available with you.

  • Use on-screen keyboard

Your on-screen keyboard application may also offer a visual keyboard that you can use in place of your physical keyboard. You can manipulate your on-screen keyboard by using the mouse.

Therefore, first, you need to select “On-Screen Keyboard” and type your password by using this on-screen keyboard with the help of your mouse. Now check whether this will help you to properly log in to your computer.

  • Boot into safe mode

In case, you feel that there are certain issues then you may start your Windows in safe mode where only a few operations will be done to protect your hardware. In safe mode, you can start diagnostic of your Windows operating system. 

Safe mode will start Windows in its basic state, where limited files and drivers will be used to troubleshoot any problem on your computer.

  • Run SFC scan

By running this SFC scanner also it might help you to fix the different problems of logging in to the Windows of your computer. 

There is a system file checker available in your Windows utility that will allow all users to scan the computer for any possible corruptions present in your system files and then it will try to restore them.

All these steps can be used by any common user of PC and laptop and you must safely try all these tips. If the above steps do not fix the issues then you may take expert help.