Benefits of LIMS for Toxicology Labs


Toxicology laboratories are essential to optimizing patient care in medical facilities and expediting accurate forensic results to law enforcement entities. Without LIMS software providing the foundation for streamlining workflow automation and facilitating management of samples, data and other raw information, a toxicology lab risks committing consequentially adverse errors.

Benefits of LIMS for Toxicology Laboratories

  • Significantly improve productivity by automating most processes and centralizing user interactions
  • Eliminate errors by utilizing barcode scanning and transference of test results/IDs automatically and directly
  • Instantly access records according to specific criteria, such as patient ID, date range, physician, test type or case number. LIMS software will save time, resources and expedite auditing of lab files
  • Ensure all regulations and certification standards are met using our cutting-edge LIMs, including data protection and access security standards
  • Maintain accurate tracking of lots and reagents
  • Launch downstream data assessments
  • Perform monitoring of instrument processes
  • Integrate with in-laboratory systems or instruments to significantly enhance lab efficiency and validity

In addition to precise management of samples, data exchanges and application/instrument integration, LIMS for toxicology labs can also assign groups and roles dictating access to unique information records as well as who manages these records.

LIMS Ensures Compliance Rules are Met

All types of laboratories are dealing with increasingly robust demands by government regulatory organizations to meet stringent certification requirements. A laboratory may be fined heavily or even shut down for failing to meet compliance guidelines. Relying on Blaze Systems to provide you with superior LIMS software for your laboratory means you never have to worry about a negative audit report potentially leading to fines or reputational damage.

LIMS and Instrument Integration

The most common cause of inaccurate laboratory data are transcription and typographical mistakes. In most cases, these errors occur if instrument readings are transcribed and then entered into an LIMS. However, you can interface lab instruments and/or equipment directly into our LIMS to virtually eliminate errors. In addition, it is to a toxicology lab’s advantage that raw data not put on paper can only be traced electronically. Integrating the entirety of processes with LIMS creates flawless traceability to desired raw data. Finally, integrating instruments with LIMS software provides a clear and tangible model of financial return due to error elimination, expeditious turnaround times and superior information quality.

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