Online Business: Ideas to Generate Income from Home


Who does not dream of having a business of their own, managing their time, and not depending on a boss? Having an online store allows us to work from home, having only one computer and an internet connection.

When you talk about a business, the first thing you think about is hiring staff, a bank loan, a physical place to develop it, etc. However, on the internet, the question is somewhat different. The world has changed, and today, the internet has become part of our daily life.

Being a digital entrepreneur is an activity that is growing, and many have earned income through their online businesses. Hence, we will explore a few ways to generate revenue by having an online store.

1.- Create Info-Products

If you have any skills, something you like to do or knowledge about a topic, you can develop your info-product. People are willing to pay for that knowledge, and this is how affiliate marketing works and in particular of info-products. This digital product could be valuable information on what a course format can have in a pdf file, videos, audio, etc.

2.- Be an Affiliate

The market of info-products grows day by day and gains more strength with the 12 Minute Affilliate. The task of the members is to promote digital products through their links. The promotions of these info-products are made through a blog, videos on YouTube, mailing lists, social networks, and when a sale occurs through our link, a commission is received. 

Depending on the author of the info-product, commissions can reach 75%.

3.- Secretariat or Virtual Assistant

This is one of the fast money making methods. Virtually every business activity that depends on a computer, a telephone or internet can be done at home. In the case of the secretariat or virtual assistant, it is an activity that is on the rise and widely used on the internet.

Being able to serve various companies and, mainly, being a liberal profession makes it very lucrative. A virtual assistant can control a company’s agenda, accounts payable, contacts with customers, and any other administrative service.

4.- Create Content for Sites and Blogs

As the number of websites and blogs on the internet is continually growing, the need to create more and more relevant content also increases. For this reason, you will need what more people create content for various sites or blogs.

If you can write, you can offer to create articles working as a freelance. The good thing about this job is that you can create several articles for various blogs and charge for each content you develop.