Most Common Mistakes People Commit When Planning a New Website


Whether you’re a professional or a beginner web design Canadaexpert,planning a new site can be a daunting task. But you can’t afford to make mistakes that will haunt your business for a long time. It’s better to avoid mistakes than trying to fix them after your website goes live.

Here are some common mistakes that people commit when designing their sites. Keep them in mind so that you don’t repeat the same.

Designing the Site for Yourself

When starting your web design, you need to put your customer needs in mind. Don’t just focus on things that appeal to you. Anything you put in there should be functional and easy to use.

Think about your audience’s goals when aligning your web strategy. Your goal here is to attract new members and generate leads.  Also, consider what your audience values.

Ignoring Your Competition

Before starting your web design process, you need to know what your competitors are doing. Remember, some have been there long before you, and you’re going to have to fight for the same space they’re occupying. You must spy on them so that you can get the attention of their customers.

The best way to do this is to consult Google for some search terms people may use to find your business. From the results, you’ll easily identify who’s against you and what they’re doing.

Unclear Call to Action

Converting your website visitors is hard enough that you don’t want something that makes it even harder. A call to action tells your visitors what they should do next, and it should be as clear as possible. Write this with a persuasive command attached to a link or a button.

Make your call to action compelling enough to attract your visitors. Don’t try to be too creative with your call to action, as you might make it complicated. Just communicate to your visitors by telling them what to do next.

No Contact Information

Omitting the contact us part is another common mistake people make in their web design Canada process. It will be a waste when your visitors decide to purchase from you, but they don’t know how to get in touch.

Don’t give your visitors a hard time searching your entire website to find the contact as they’ll definitely get frustrated and leave.

Make the ‘Contact Us’ part very prominent, and just a click away. Display this at the bottom of your page or anywhere you think your visitors will find it easily.

No Mobile Experience

Having a web design that works well on mobile is an important feature nowadays. Many customers now browse the net and make online purchases using their phones. Almost half of the web traffic comes through mobile viewing.

Imagine how much you’ll lose if your site is not mobile-friendly. A mobile-friendly site should be a priority for any business. Make sure your viewers can easily find and view your site using many functions. This way, you can improve your user experience and increase traffic.