How Can Smart Bands Be Different


People mention healthy life. Small bands have begun to attach importance to health management. They have more subdivided sports professional fields. Health management has become an entry-level necessary function of smart bands.

HONOR band 5 broke the tradition. It has a personal blood oxygen detection function on the basis of the previous work. This is the first time that it has monitored the three health elements of heart rate, blood oxygen saturation and sleep. It has been certified and endorsed by professional organizations.

This smart band has been upgraded from previous works. The overall material design is very skin-friendly. The athletic band is designed with meteorite black, midnight blue, coral powder and olive green. The four color watchbands represent different styles. They are full of vitality.

In terms of appearance, it is unique. Square and circle are segmented from each other. The lines that merge with each other are smooth and full of power. The expressive force of sports is obvious.

In terms of the design of the whole watchband, the span and bending angle radian are good. The breathable and empty design is suitable for users. It does not have any burden in daily life and during exercise or during sleep.

Whether worn in hot summer or sleeping at night, it is breathable and comfortable to wear.

It fully follows the design principles of sports products. It weighs only 23 g.

In terms of wristbands, the clasp and soft rubber ring are made of more elastic plastic materials. It ensures the strength. It makes them lighter. The whole machine is exquisite in workmanship. The 50 M waterproof level is the most advanced among wearable products at present. It does not fear all kinds of rainfall and dusty environment in life.

It is convenient to charge without disassembling the band. The lack of charging slot makes the whole smart band more waterproof. It charges at the direct contact point.

The color screen is upgraded again. It has an AMOLED magic color screen. The look and feel of the screen are clear and delicate.

The 0.95-inch screen can display up to 40 words. It has the curved 2.5 D glass. Full-screen touch and HOME one-touch back to the main interface are attractive. The whole machine has a good visual and operational experience.

It has three major health functions. Cross-border blood oxygen testing is innovated. The way to measure blood oxygen is very simple. You should choose the option in the band to start the measurement, and keep still. It is important to wear the band correctly with the screen facing up. There exist different features of oxygen-containing hemoglobin and deoxyhemoglobin on the reflection and absorption rate of specific light. Signal extraction is carried out. It can obtain pulse oxygen saturation data results through algorithm.

The band upgrades health. It is the first step to protect health while carrying the band.