4 Digital Marketing Tips For Roofers

Digital Marketing

Being a roofer is a hard business to market. For many roofing specialists, the difficulty comes when they need to reach customers throughout the year to keep their businesses afloat – after all, roofing isn’t a priority for many people.

Digital marketing for roofers has tried and tested techniques with real results through the use of marketing on search engines and social media. With the help for experts, a simple strategy can build and grow your business no matter the time of year.

Here are a few tips to help you get started and grow your roofing business:

Prep yourself to be Googled!

One of the best ways that people in your area find the services they need is jumping on Google and typing “roofers near me”, “roofers in (a city name) and voila! A list of thousands of search results appear. Without the right terms and the correct keyword research, you’ll fall on the wayside, and no one will get a hold of you. An A-Grade digital marketing agency can help you find the right keywords that won’t be too competitive and will likely rank your roofing company or business higher on search engines.

Once you’ve come up with the ideal keywords, you need to claim your business on Google My Business. The service is easy and free, and it’ll help your business get more traction.

Setting up your Google My Business, you’ll have the opportunity to do the following:

  • See and respond to reviews left on Google
  • Upload images of your business and what you do or have done
  • Add details about your business like trading days and hours
  • You’ll also be able to add a clickable phone number so that potential clients can contact you

Start Posting Quality and Valuable Content

Anyone in digital marketing knows that content is king. If your marketing plan isn’t focusing on the content, you post, then you’re falling behind. It’s even more important to take advantage of content marketing because you’re in a specialty niche – you need to market roofing business in a way that appeals to people who haven’t thought about roof maintenance, repairs or replacements.

Through creatively thought-out, highly shareable content, blogs, videos and infographics, you can inform customers about different things in the roofing industry and helpful tips.

A digital marketing team can also help you create content that promotes a back-and-forth engagement or content that will be shared and reacted to on social media. You must invest in meaningful content so that people start thinking about the state of their roofs and where they can go when they need help – and that should be you!

Remember also to encourage them to message you for a consultation so that you can make the conversion process easier.

Advertising is Key!

 It is no secret that advertising can be expensive, but as a startup roofer, with the right team on your side, you can dip your toes into social media ads with a smaller investment than you’d think. A digital marketing agency, once they’ve created great content based on the brief you gave them, will craft social media ads to promote your business to potential clients in your service radius.

Seeing that more and more people of all ages swamp social media pages daily, it would be best that your campaigns are running on Facebook and Instagram ads for the best rates, performance and diversity to fit any roofer’s needs!

Interact With Your Followers

It’s one thing to create the best content and advertise it on social media and other online platforms like Google Ads; it’s another ball game playing in this arena. So, your business has been promoted, and tons of online traffic comes your way, your business now sees more engagement than ever before. People are now familiar with your roofing business and what to know more about your offerings. Great job! Now the real work comes in. You need to respond to them! And their comments will come from everywhere; direct messages, mentions and reviews. Whether they in are a positive or negative manner, you need to interact with them. Interaction is important to followers because it shows that you value them and are will to assist them with their needs. Additionally, this is your chance to hearing their complaints and pain-points, if any so that you can address them. It also shows that you care about their satisfaction!

You cannot build your business alone. You need customers, and they need you. It is also important that you have a team of expert digital marketer for your roofing business to help you leverage on what online marketing has to offer.

If you want to attract customers and make your name a brand in your local community, we can help. At Tradie Web Guys, we specialise in digital marketing for roofers. We’re ready to put together an insightful strategy for your online needs and get your business where it deserves to be. Get in touch with us!