SEO Mistakes to Avoid


Do you wonder why you are not ranking in first place for your Google keywords? The answer may be that you are making some mistakes with your SEO. SEO is essential in helping you to grow your business. However, when you focus on only the technical aspect of your site, you may end up with a range of SEO problems. 

1 Not paying attention to your site’s speed

The first issue that you may face arises from the speed of your site. High speed is critical in becoming a favorite on Google. If your website is slow, Google will not rank it among the best results. Therefore it will be difficult for individuals to discover your site.

  1. Attempting to rank the incorrect keywords 

For you to rank on Google, it is crucial to ensure that you are utilizing the correct keywords. One of the biggest mistakes that you may encounter as a site owner is optimizing for keywords that are too generic. For instance, if you are a small business and you want to use ‘rental car’ as your keyword, it may be tough to be ranked well on google. Using generic keywords puts you in a position where you have to compete with all similar companies from different parts of the world, which is an impossible fete.

  1. Not inviting people to your site

When people look up specific queries, and your website comes up, what will appear on the search engine result page is your metadata. Your metadata includes your page’s title as well as the meta description. Therefore if your title lacks relevant keywords and appears to be too long, people may not visit your site. Metadata is quite essential in ensuring that your Click Through Rate is optimized. 

Therefore, when your meta description is vague, it is difficult for your potential visitors to click on your website.

  1. Writing content that is not up to standard

Sometimes you may be very tired or uninspired when you are writing the articles for your website. If you choose to write boring uninformed content, then you are doing your SEO disfavor. Writing vague articles with an inadequate word count makes it difficult for Google to view you as an expert in a particular topic, as experts don’t give their opinion on a few vague sentences. 

This ends up with Google not ranking you among the best search results for that particular search query. Duplicating other websites’ content is also part of substandard content.

It is common to repeat these same SEO mistakes sometimes without even knowing. However, you should focus on improving your site speed, writing great content, as well as utilizing the correct keywords. This way, many people will desire to visit your website and seek your opinion.