Sparkplugip Is Known For Providing SD WAN Technology


The software defined wide area network (SD-WAN) is a specific application applied to WAN connections search as Broadband Internet, 4G, LTE or MPLS. Our technology connects enterprise networks including branch offices and data centers over large geographic distances. A WAN can be used to connect data centers separated by distance.

SD WAN utilizes the internet are cloud-native private networks. It decouples the network from the management plane. It also detaches the traffic management and monitoring functions from hardware. Our functions can be checked from the website of the company

It relies mainly on four central components such as

  • Edge connectivity abstraction
  • WAN Virtualization
  • Policy-Driven, centralized management
  • Elastic traffic management

Why is SD-WAN used?

One can check from our website of SparkplugIP to know about SD-WAN Many of the new software defined WAN offerings can be used to improve and secure internet connectivity, making it more competitive with more expensive WAN Technologies in some cases software defined the WAN Technology uses internet broadband connections to replace more expensive solutions. The Virtualizations Technology can apply security and private networking technology to broadband internet connections making them more secure.

Main goal of SD-WAN technology

The main goal of this technology provided by SparkplugIP is to deliver a secured and simple cloud enabled connection. We try to do it with open and software based Technology. It can be used to deliver physical activity. It can also be used for premium business services such as VPN, WAN Optimization and applications delivery control (ADC).

Benefits of SD-WAN used by SparkplugIP are

The benefits of SD-WAN are

  • Increased band wait at a lower cost
  • Centralized Management across branch networks
  • Full visibility into the network
  • Provides enterprises with options for connection type and vendor selection while building their networks.

SD Wan Technology SD is a connector

 Wan Technology implementation where is from vendor to vendor but a primary feature of it is that it lets the customers create a single network infrastructure that includes many connection types, such as multiprotocol label switching, broadband wireless LTE. Customers can take advantage of this technology to rely less on expensive, private connections and instead choose cheaper, public connections for less sensitive data.

This technology lets businesses transport the cables for wireless infrastructure connecting the branch office and data centers, mix and match them based on the availability. To know more about us one can check in the link