Instagram content ideas


Have you ever been in a position where you were scrolling through your camera roll and wondering what to post on Instagram next? Guess what , we have all been there , searching for the right picture which would make our feed look better and gain more audience by uploading the best image.

To build a loyal and engaged audience and increase your influence over it you should choose the content you publish really wise. The content should be interesting, unique and eye-catching. In this article we will see some good content ideas,which will help you when you are stuck,wondering what to post.

Your latest holiday experience. First of all, Instagram is mainly a lifestyle social media ,so it is a good option to share moments of your last holiday, for example if you spent it on the beach , you should definitely post a picture from there ,because there is something special about the oceans and the beaches that makes people feel happier. This way you can boost your audience engagement,but the pictures must be good,though.

Share the events you attend. If you have recently visited an event,which you think is interesting and worth sharing , don’t think twice – share the photos with your audience, providing them with some information about the event you attended, explaining more facts for its main purpose and for sure they will be interested in this unique content.

Food. Recent researches show that images of food are being one of the most common posts lately. So if you go to a fancy restaurant,where the food is served attractive, make sure you capture it and you can post it on Instagram whenever you want.However if you have enough influence and lots of followers you can actually get paid by some restaurants to promote their services, if not you can still buy real instagram followers and gain bigger number of people following you.

Show your outfit daily. A big amount of posts on Instagram are related with fashion. The fashion industry invest lots of money on the platform as well. So try to take a picture of you and your outfit everyday and people who are interested in fashion will get engaged with your posts and they will start following you. The fashion industry is working the same as restaurants , so if you buy likes, they might start to pay you for promoting their clothing.

Post you latest cosmetic purchases. When you buy a new cosmetic product, for example a lipstick, you can make a review of this product. You can post a picture of the lipstick and write your opinion either it is good and you like it or not.People get engaged with honest opinions so don’t be afraid to criticize when it is necessary. This way your followers will see that you are trustworthy person.

Publish your own insparations. For example you can publish wise quotes that inspire you , however you can create your own and provide it to your audience.

Ask a question. Engage your followers by asking them a question on your story. For example you can publish on your story pictures of two types of shoes that you are considering to buy and you can ask your audience which one will suit you better. This way you will increase your engagement percent for sure.

Share positive vibes with your audience,ask them questions, engage them with your content and you will be able to maximise your Instagram page potential, so no matter how Social media changes over the years you will continue increasing your followers constantly.