How do I choose Web hosting Services?


It is important for us to know about web hosting especially if you are planning to start your website. It works as a storehouse of your website and secures your all data, images, and videos. Without hosting a website cannot work. Hosting is vital to establish your website online on search engines. You can choose web hosting services uk on the basis of a few essential points.

What is Web hosting?

Web hosting is a service provided by the web host company to run your website over the internet. The web host provides all the technologies and services you need to optimize your website over the browser. Web hosting helps in view your web page and website on the internet. Without hosting a website never appears live on the internet. The computer in which the website is hosted or stored is known as a server. When an internet user wants to visit your website they type the name of a website on a search bar and visit your website on the server.

Searching for a good web hosting service is like a girl searching for Mr good enough, just kidding it not that tough. But choosing a better and relevant hosting provider is a must for a website.  Choosing a suitable hosting depends on the requirements of your website. There are many factors to evaluate while selecting hosting services.

What are the most important factors to look for while selecting a hosting company?

There are many reasons based on which you can choose an authentic hosting provider for your website. There are several things based on which you can decide which kind of hosting services you need. Some of them are:

Types of Website:

Different websites have different requirements. For example, if you plan to start a personal blog shared hosting will be more than sufficient to run your website. While you plan to start e-commerce or commercial website then either Dedicated or Cloud Hosting will be more suited to run your website. While you can also run a personal blog on dedicated hosting if you want to but it will be a lot more costly. Moreover, it will be ideal for you to upgrade your hosting(for a personal blog) once you start to get a good amount of traffic.

Based on website Traffic:

Depending on the traffic of the website choosing a hosting plan is very important. If your website has maximum traffic then choose a dedicated hosting plan. In this hosting plan, you will get maximum resources for running a website. This will provide you better uptime and support. For those who are not having maximum traffic on their website then shared and VPS hosting is a better option you.

Website Security: 

Compared to shared hosting VPS hosting provide better security. In shared hosting, many websites are running on a single server. If any of them affected(hacked/malware attack) then there are chances your website might get affected too.

Based on the budget:

Budget wise shared hosting is one of the most economical options to start a website. Nearly all the shared hosting plans from different companies are quite budget-friendly. You can start a full-fledged website at a relatively minimal or negligible cost.

Whereas VPS / Dedicated and Cloud hosting is quite expensive but they provide you with better resources (storage/ bandwidth / Security). Better resources ensure that your website is optimized for speed, has great uptime and better security features.

Web Hosting Support: 

This is one of the most important things to consider when you decide to go with any hosting company. If your web hosting provider does not provide proper support then you might face problems whenever your website is down due to server issues. Good support ensures that your website is never down or if it is down due to any problem then you can get it online as early as possible.

It is wise to spend a bit more and get hosting with good customer support than to pay less and suffer from bad customer support later on.

Server Location: 

Hosting Companies have a server located at different locations around the world. It is ideal to select a server which is located near to you. Why so?

For example, if you run your website in India than you should look for your hosting server within Asia. It will ensure that your website speed is always fast. Similarly, you should select your server which is the nearest possible.

Other Factors: 

There are different types of specialized hosting available which serve specific needs. For example, if you are planning to start a WordPress hosting there are different WordPress hosting plans available. So you won’t have to install WordPress separately. Similar there are different Linux based hosting plans available from many different companies.

  • Which Hosting is good for a personal website?

Many people want to start their website but they get confused about which hosting is good or in a budget for them. For starting a personal website shared web hosting is an exact choice a better start. Now if you are thinking about what has shared web hosting then I explain to you about this.

Shared web hosting is a hosting service in which many websites work on a single server. In this hundreds of websites work on a single internet server. It is simple and uncomplicated. It is easy to manage and the best part is it is cheap and affordable for the beginners. But in this hosting, they provide limited features according to the plan. But the resources are sufficient for the fresh start of a website.

  • Which hosting is best for a website that has moderate traffic?

Sometimes you are running and operating your website on a shared server but the resources are not sufficient because your website has moderate traffic. Then what will you do you have to decide something preferable for a website. If your website has moderate traffic and wants more effective resources for better performance in a sufficient budget then You can choose VPS hosting.

VPS hosting is Stands for Virtual Private Server. It works like a dedicated hosting with a shared environment. VPS hosting provides you more resources as compared to shared web hosting. You can use these resources virtually. In this, you can add resources according to your website’s needs. It is costly as compared to shared hosting but a trustworthy hosting plan for the website owners.

  •        Which hosting plan works better for you to start an eCommerce website?

If you are a business owner and desire for an eCommerce website to boost up your sales and performance of your business. Get the information about a  hosting server that helps you in maintaining your website. Choose a dedicated server for your business website.

A dedicated server is a unique combination of unlimited resources for running your website with better up-gradation, speed, and performance. It is best for that website who have earned maximum traffic

  •         Consider Size and potential growth

A hosting choice and plan are also based on the size and potential of your business. If you are running a business on a large scale then you need more extra resources and features for building your website performance more good and effective. If you are having a small business then you can easily optimize your website in minimum resources. It also depends on the traffic of your website a website that earns huge traffic in a day than choosing a dedicated server is a great idea for the owner.

  •         Understand which and how many resources you want

If you are a new web hosting customer then check the availability of the resources you want and they are providing to you. It is important to understand which and how many resources your website required for a better settlement. You don’t need to be worry of plans providing unlimited storage, bandwidth, and email accounts, but you should understand the various hosting components and limitations providers might impose.

  •        Storage and RAM

Storage and disk space are the easiest features of the hosting services to understand. It is a component you have to about the least. The biggest thing you have to look at while hosting a website is a storage space provided in the plan. For storage SSD, solid-state drives are a better option for the users. But the prices of the SSD is higher. Traditional hard-disk drives, on the other hand, are more common in the unlimited plans because they typically come with higher capacities.

The purpose of RAM is similar to the web hosting server as with your personal computer. It quickly processing stored data. RAM considered being the most important feature when choosing a hosting.

  •         Bandwidth and data transfer

For impacting your site performance, bandwidth is the account of data you are using in the uploaded and downloaded from a website. Bandwidth shows how quickly the visitor visits your site, higher bandwidth shows the higher number of people visit your website at the same time. Bandwidth also called Data transfer.

  •         Domain and email

Even though hosting and domain are knotted together but both the different aspects of establishing a website. The domain is the address of your website. You can register your domain and host from two other companies at the same time. I will prefer you to keep all the hosting resources from an individual hosting provider. Many hosting providers provide free migration and transfer to their users. Many of the domain registrars offer free domain service to the beginners of the one year.

Hosting providers often include advanced email features, such as forwarding and filtering services, autoresponders, and enhanced security, for clients who need several inboxes or marketing tools.

  •         Uptime rates and reliability

As we know time is money and every second is very precious for website performance. Better uptime and reliability are important to build website speed faster. Always try to choose a hosting provider that offers 99.9% uptime service. Higher uptime and speed will provide you higher productivity of performance and traffic.

  •         Security and Support

Although website security depends on the constructed password and security resources provided by the hosting provider. Check the among characteristics of the security before choosing a hosting it includes firewall, monitoring security, and other security resources. One of the bonus points is free automated backup and hands-free WordPress updates. It helps to secure your data safely.

If you want to solve any problem without wasting your time then choose a hosting service that provides 24/7 support service to its users. Always research first and choose to host from the most trustworthy and preferable service provider.


Above mentioned points will help you in choosing a web hosting provider easily. The main factors of choosing a better web hosting provider are traffic of your website, location, support, type of your website and more. Always try to select a web hosting provider based on the above mention points. Try to fulfill all the points while selecting a hosting plan. With the help of this blog you can solve the problem How can I choose Web hosting Services?