CCTV Camera- Advantage and Disadvantage  


Nowadays CCTV cameras are very important for security in homes. Because crime is spreading very fast in almost all countries nowadays. Apart from preventing theft, installing smart CCTV cameras has also become a hobby of people. Getting a CTV camera at home depends on your budget.

Although CCTV is used to keep an eye on people, many people are able to watch CCTV. A line is written in a shop ‘Attention! You are in the eye of the camera ‘It is enough to create fear in the heart of most criminals. Fear not to get caught, because even if there is no one, but the  Smart CCTV camera is watching.

 We all know that CCTV cameras have proved to be very effective in curbing crime, but, there are many more benefits of their use. Often, in legal cases, a picture or video captured by a Smart Intruder Alarms CCTV camera in robbery and other crimes serves as convincing evidence against the criminal.

When a criminal is caught while committing a crime at night, then CCTV footage of the police, and other important officials like Customs, Probation Officers, Immigration Officers, and Corrections Officers, is captured on various media channels such as newspapers Can be released to the public through magazines and the internet, etc.

Many of us are not aware, but even a picture highlighting the relationship of the accused to the crime goes the way of reducing the crime and taking appropriate action. Apart from this, with the help of a CCTV camera, we can also take care of young children, mentally deranged household members, and the elderly of the house. Many of us are so busy with outdoor work that we are unable to take care of the members present in the house. CCTV helps us in this.


What are the limitations or drawbacks of CCTV?

Although we know many benefits of CCTV, some people also oppose it. According to them, everyone should have the right to privacy. Violation of privacy is the issue that everyone raises, whenever it comes to the safety of CCTV Camera.

The main function of the CCTV Camera is to monitor the activities of the people. People often find it bad that they are constantly being monitored. It is obvious that no person would want another person to interfere in their privacy.


The public security system cannot be completely saved from the web of hackers. This is because the system is linked to a system, and this is why computer hackers can hack it from any location outside.

Also when CCTV cameras are installed around the ATM machine. Then the hacker can easily hack any video and make any person’s ATM card details. By finding out about the ATM card number, PIN, etc., you can withdraw the money you want from your account. Therefore, putting CCTV cameras in the wrong place hurts the privacy of people.




In the end, it can be said that the Camera has its advantages and disadvantages. Some people believe that these cameras are effective in stopping crime, but some people do not. And it is also natural because none of the five fingers are the same. They consider it a violation of the right to privacy. But one thing to note is that CCTV cameras provide security to us and the use of them has led to a huge reduction in crime rates and incidents.