Finer Opportunities in the Choice of Refurbished Apple Phones


Refurbished smartphones already represent 10 to 15% of smartphone sales. These 100% functional guaranteed devices are sold between 30 and 50% cheaper than new phones, depending on their age and general condition (scratches, battery condition, etc.). The Apple iPhone remains the star of these refurbished phones, but now sellers also offer other brands, including Samsung.

What Is A Refurbished Smartphone?

A refurbished phone is a device that is sold after being cleaned, repaired and put back in a box by a professional. It is fully operational, but may have aesthetic defects (scratches, traces of impact) and its battery is not always new. Our test of refurbished smartphones shows that autonomy often leaves something to be desired. Depending on their aesthetic condition and their age, refurbished smartphones are classified by “grade” and their price is 30 to 50% lower than in new version, for equivalent performance in photo and video. So do not hesitate to consult our smartphone test before choosing a refurbished model.

Grade Of Refurbished Phones

The grade reflects the general condition of the phone (aesthetics, condition of the battery), without its performance being affected. Check that you are well informed about the state of the battery and the quality of the accessories delivered (AC adapter, headphones, tool for opening the SIM card compartment). Choosing Refurbished apple  will be easier now under the circumstances.

Used, Reconditioned: What Difference?

There is no legislation defining precisely the concepts of used and reconditioned. But as it has developed, the market has put these two terms in opposition to distinguish smartphones passed into the hands of professionals to be refurbished and then for sale from those which have simply already been used. Reconditioning professionals value this distinction which, it is true, makes all the difference. But some websites still use these two terms interchangeably.

Refurbished Iphone, The Star Of The Genre

The Apple iPhone is the most popular on the refurbished smartphone market. The most recent models, such as the iPhone XS or iPhone X, are already being reconditioned, but they remain expensive (reduction of around 10% compared to the new one). The price becomes interesting a few years after the launch of the phone. Some examples of refurbished iPhone prices:

  • iPhone 5: 70 €
  • iPhone 5C: € 85
  • iPhone 5S: 109 €
  • iPhone SE: 150 €
  • iPhone 6S: 200 €
  • iPhone 7: € 450

Origin Of Smartphones Put Back On Sale

Refurbishers buy lots of smartphones sold by mobile operators, who are the primary collectors (in the context of trade-in offers that allow consumers to change smartphones by subscribing to a new offer). They are not only aimed at French operators: some import lots from American operators, where the market is much larger. Reconditioners also buy phone fleets from businesses.

Beware Of Accessories

Our test shows that the quality of the accessories delivered with refurbished smartphones often leaves something to be desired. They are almost never original manufacturer. In the best of cases, the reconditioner delivers compatible accessories, that is to say respectful of the brand’s technical specifications. Unfortunately, these are often potentially dangerous cheap chargers (our colleagues at Test-Achats have shown that half of cheap chargers break European safety rules).