Trivial to Important: The Changing face of Technology


We often hear that the world has become a global village today thanks to new communication technologies. However, there are people who view them as expensive and dangerous gadgets, so they attribute all the worries in the world to them.

Should we therefore condemn these means as we are inclined to do? Or grant them extenuating circumstances?

Formerly, these remarkable means did not exist, the book was the unique refuge for students and researchers. This is why research was a difficult and arduous task for most learners.

  • Today, thanks to these new technologies, research has become easy in all fields, especially the academic field, by giving students a better chance of finding information that was not previously available to everyone. , except the wealthy and affluent people who had access to it.
  • In addition, the generalization of these means has contributed enormously to the development of countries, and to the evolution of mentalities.
  • On the other hand, the lightning spread of these media, the Internet in particular, can have harmful repercussions on young users in the absence of parental control, hence the risk of losing a sense of reality by consulting websites.

Sensitive or dangerous

In addition, these inventions sometimes popularize “prohibitions” and create new conflicts within the home, so that some people are constantly indignant at the deplorable and intolerable situation in which several families live.

  • Consequently, those responsible (parents, teachers, educators, etc.) must react and mobilize in order to fight against any abusive manipulation of these inventions which would likely be harmful to individuals and communities.
  • Before sleeping, users surf the Internet (92%), exchange texts, emails, photos on Snapchat or Instagram (91%), watch television (89%), find themselves on social networks (84 %) and play video games (63%). The majority spend more than an hour there after dinner.

The high brightness emitted by the screens delays the production of melatonin. The latter is the sleep hormone which synchronizes and regulates chronobiological rhythms, and causes the feeling of drowsiness. In thetechdj you can find the best deal now.

It is only in the dark that melatonin is released into the brain. Its production can be slowed down or even completely suppressed by light. Therefore, it is secreted mainly during the night.

Sleepiness is a small turtle-shaped lamp that the user places on his forehead. It makes it possible to avoid mental wandering and thus, to fight against insomnia.

Indeed, it provides a transpalpebral night vision which makes it possible to break the mental ruminations which promote insomnia. In addition, the “morning dawn” functionality, accompanied by the alarm clock, makes it easier to wake up.

In conclusion, it can be said that to regard the new information and communication technologies as reprehensible and useless is an unjust sentence. Rather, it is the use that is made of it that must be condemned. Thus, users should be made aware and encouraged to take advantage of the benefits of these new means.