Turning emails into cash – Inboxdollars review you need


In a world where everyone is strapped for time and cash, wouldn’t it be nice to earn some extra money just for reading a few emails? That’s exactly the premise behind InboxDollars, a platform that rewards users for daily activities as simple as checking promotions and deleting junk. InboxDollars is the oldest paid email subscription service. It functions like any other survey or rewards site, incentivizing users to complete certain actions by providing monetary compensation and other rewards. But, InboxDollars sets itself apart with its low-effort email offers that pay members to view promotional messages from partner brands.

  • Taking surveys
  • Playing online games and contests
  • Reading advertisements and watching videos
  • Completing simple online tasks like web searches
  • Referring to friends and family

The convenience factor of getting paid just for opening your email makes InboxDollars an intriguing option for anyone seeking hassle-free extra income opportunities to pad their wallet.

Is inboxdollars legitimate?

With so many survey and reward platforms popping up online every day, it’s normal to have some skepticism about legitimacy. After over 20 years in business and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, InboxDollars has solidified itself as a trusted, genuine source of supplementary earnings for members. The site has over 10 million users and consistently positive consumer reviews regarding prompt payments.

The next indicator of integrity is transparency about how the company generates income. As a free platform, InboxDollars profits when users view promotional content from third-party advertisers and brands. The service acts as a middleman, connecting consumer eyeballs to marketing campaigns and taking commissions, a portion of which gets paid out to members.

How much you earn with inbox dollars?

InboxDollars doesn’t make any definitive claims of quick riches, wisely qualifying that earnings depend on participation level. However, consistent involvement can lead to respectable annual payouts. Some key details about the platform’s compensation potential.

  • There is no cap on total possible earnings. The more offers completed, the higher the payments. Top performers easily clear over $1,000 a year.
  • Accounts accrue earnings until reaching the $30 minimum payout threshold for cash withdrawal. Most consistent users get there within 1 to 3 months.
  • Bonuses are slightly higher for PayPal redemptions versus physical gift cards.
  • Higher-value offers provide between $10 to $200 individually for more intensive activities like opening a new credit card or retail account.

Considering the largely passive nature of earning through InboxDollars via email and occasional surveys, average yearly takings provide respectable supplementary funds that can pad savings goals or even cover small monthly bills. Just don’t expect to permanently kiss your day job goodbye solely through InboxDollars earnings.

How do inboxdollars payments work?

  1. Earn – Users rifle through available offers on the easy-to-navigate site dashboard and complete whatever balances time and interest, from reading emails for a few cents each to taking 10-minute surveys for over a dollar. Claimed rewards get credited to the balance displayed at the top of the interface.
  2. Track and redeem – The site conveniently tallies lifetime earnings and pending balance, so you always know where you stand. Once reaching the $30 redeemable threshold, members request payouts.
  3. To get paid – Requested funds via online methods like PayPal arrive within 1 week, sometimes faster, while physical cards come through standard mail. For the latter, it’s smart to request gift cards a couple of weeks before intended use to allow shipping time.

An evaluation of inbox dollars program may reliable system that provides peace of mind for users without overly long waits a worthy tradeoff for ensured secure payments.