Things to consider when hiring a printer and copier repair professional


Red lights, beep sounds, streaks, and error codes are the nightmares for any office employee who have to deal with frequent fritz of the printers and copiers. Repeated or frequent breakdowns of these machines can be frustrating and can also potentially cost your time, money and sometimes reputation. Keeping them updated and functioning all the time is critical of the efficient and profitable execution of your business. You can think of giving basic training to your employees to repair these machines but they can never match the services of a well-trained professional. There are many companies which offer repair services. You can choose APS Solutions for printer servicing and free yourself from regular hassle of obstructed working. There are plentiful companies which claim to provide excellent services for your machines. These many options can leave you baffled. Here are some considerations you should make before investing your money and trust with any of them. See Your printer can be in an error state or some other failure. Some of the common errors could be like the Printer is offline, the Printer is giving some error message on the screen, Some connectivity issue, or maybe some setup problem. So before you hire a professionalist you need to consider the type of problem with the printer. And below we are sharing few things that you need to look in the repair guy.

  • Experience and training

The foremost thing to consider is the ability of the staff to repair your printers and copiers quickly and accurately. Ask about the experience they have in repair services and particularly with the model and brand of your machines. See how often they are trained for newer technical features. You should also ask for the number of employees they have to serve their clients. This will give you an idea about how fast they can serve.

  • Response time guaranty

It is a common issue with repair service provider. Many of them commit for excellent service and are unable to deliver. Some deliver quick services initially but face problems in providing resolves in long-terms. Look for the companies which provide guaranty for the services they commit. Such companies often serve within a few hours.

  • Location and approachability

Many companies claim to cover large areas but have only one or a few offices in the city which are not in your vicinity. In such cases, you may have to wait longer for the services. Enquire properly about the location of the branch offices of the company to get a closer approximation of your waiting time.

  • Inventory available

Several times you would here from your company saying that they do not have a particular part in their inventory and have to order. This is quite testing as ordering a part, acquiring, and replacing can take several days leaving your high and dry. Your work will be stuck until your repair company gets the part. For that reason, ensure that the company has its own inventory of essential parts and keeps it stocked.

  • Points of contact

There should be more than one ways to contact the repair company for help. Generally you put up a repair request through e-mail. However, some problems are trivial and can be solved over a phone call. Check whether your company provides phone support or not. Also check for the option to reach them out through their website as it is often more convenient.

  • Reliability reviews

At the end of the day, all you need from your repair service provider is support at the right time. To ensure whether you can rely on a particular provider or not, check the reviews of their previous and current clients. Ask from the vicinity, talk to the clients whom you would meet while your first visit to their office and check reviews online.