Finer Balances for Playing the CSGO



FPS (Frames Per Second) is the frame rate per second. This is if this value is translated literally. But in fact, this is the number of image display races that a computer can potentially display.

It is very important to understand that this is not the number of frames displayed on the monitor. This is the potential that the computer as a whole is capable of.

Hertz of the monitor (Hz) – It is the number of images displayed on the monitor. This format is virtually independent of the FPS. That is, if you have a monitor of 144 Hertz, and the computer itself does not give out more than 100 fps, then some frames will be duplicated and displayed twice (or even three Times). With the cs:go boosting you can have the smartest solutions now.

All About The Most Expensive Tournaments In Cs: Go

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You don’t need to go to a fortuneteller, but it’s immediately clear that the higher these 2 indicators, the better your picture and the faster your eye will receive video information from the game itself. It is for this reason that many cybersportsmen (professional players in computer games) always set up their computers with an average FPS in cs of 300. And monitors buy from 144 hertz.

Important: in order for your monitor to support 144 hertz, it is enough to purchase such a monitor. No super-settings, the “red button in the BIOS” and other things exist. 144 hertz will only be displayed on monitors supporting this frequency.

FPS and hertz recommendations for CS go

For a comfortable game in Counter-Strike: Global offenssive you need to have an average of 250-280 fps, and a 144 Hertz monitor. Remember these indicators should be exactly the same in the case of your big plans for eSports.

If in the league faceit got the 10th level, then without such an indicator from your car, you will technically be inferior to the opponent and will not be able to get into the Master League.

In order to answer the question “how to increase the FPS in the cc go”, there are 3 types of work that must be carried out:

Hard setting – adjustment / verification / prevention of computer hardware, all its components and components;

Soft customization – carrying out work in the field of all programs that can interact with the game. As well as those that necessarily work in parallel;

Setting up the game CS: GO – the correct installation of all parameters associated with the maximum match the performance of your computer with the game itself cs go;

Hard work

The first and very important point before starting the game is to physically prepare the computer for the comfortable operation of all its hardware. Many gamers think: “That this crappy box is somewhere on the floor, that it does something, somehow works, it doesn’t interest me much. The main thing turns on and starts Windows. What else do I need? ” This opinion is very erroneous, and now we will analyze all types of work that must be carried out before starting the computer itself.