PixelLab – Text on pictures


Have you ever needed to add some texts for some images? Did you find a proper way to do so? An easy and a nice way? If you also need to create some awesome pictures in a way you like then this is the best app for you.  PixelLab – Text on pictures. From the name given you can get an idea that this app is all about adding texts to pictures. You will get an enormous opportunity to edit your image in a very creative manner thanks to the features included here in the app. This offers wide variety of options that definitely helps you in creating an incredible output. Let’s have a quick tour on this app.

This is a powerful photo editing application you can install for free. You can use any popular app store to install this app on your device. For example, acmarket, Aptoide, Play Store and etc.

PixelLab – Text on pictures

Simply this PixelLab – Text on pictures app can identify as a photo editing app. But basically, it focuses on adding texts to the pictures. Can add texts of different styles. 2D, 3D, curved, bold and so on. There are many effects and options you can try to make your image looks exactly the way you want.

You can try this nice app freely for one month. After that you have to pay for the app. But I am very sure that once you try the free trial you will definitely like to pay for the app. Because the app offers such nice things to pay for.

The app is with very clear and a simple interface making it very easy for you to edit the photo in a manner you wish.

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What you can add to your image through the app?

Can add texts and text effects very easily – This lets you to add different texts. Can add 3D texts very easily. Also, can add some effects to the added texts also. Some effects you can use here includes shadow, mask, stroke, reflection and so on.

Can change text color and font – There are more than 100 different text fonts here. You can select the suitable font for you. If you want you can create your own font style and use it. plus, you can change the color of the text including some text fill options like simple and gradient color fillings.

Add stickers– This includes thousands of stickers to choose from. Use the stickers to express your emotions, love, mood and expressions very easily thanks to this app and share it with your loved ones.

Add some drawings- Using the pencil tool includes here you can draw anything your like in anyway you like. The drawing will transform in to a shape at the end and lets you to edit it very easily. You can resize the drawing, move etc. using this feature very comfortably.

In addition to the above features here are some of the other things you can do using the app.

  • Edit background
  • Import and export images
  • Add image effects
  • Create memes