The Benefits Of Digital Asset Management To Organizations


According to a market view analysis, the market for digital asset management will reach $7,756.1 million by 2025. This innovation of the 21st century provides a secure repository for digital assets like photographs, videos, PDF files, documents, design files, presentations, company branding, and marketing content to help improve the operation of digital assets and ensure peak performance.

Different types of digital asset management

  • Brand asset management refers to the secure management of branded assets within a centralized database. It allows, implementation of modifications, edits, consults, and updates to execute the proper management of digital brands.
  • Library asset management generally refers to bulk storage within a database. The digital assets may include an archive or library files of all types of media like photos and videos.
  • Production asset management is typically used for digital and visual assets that are used in the production of films, TV shows, video games, and different types of live media action.
  • Cloud-based digital asset management is typically used by organizations to store digital assets. The cloud-based storage allows users to back-up and store their digital assets into a secure archive within the system.

Users that benefit from digital asset management systems

Internal users use content and information from the digital asset management system on a regular basis like content creatives. Graphic designers and photographers certainly want everything to be in their proper place particularly the content they have created. Creatives will also need access to digital assets that are related to the company and can be used in product distribution.

Marketing requires access to the digital asset management system in the creation and promotion of products. The management system is like a bible to marketers because the digital content stored in the database is crucial to a successful marketing campaign. Just like marketing, the system is crucial to sales because of the content that they can distribute and review on the database like sales pitches and promotional content.

Packaging requires the digital asset management system because of its ability to track package processing and regularly update its appearance. There are tools where content can be viewed in 3D form to improve packaging.

Tech professionals use the digital data management system to track data and ensure that it is properly used. A legal team also uses the system to track users who download prohibited content. Proper rights to digital assets that the company owns must be maintained.

There are also external users who may be allowed access to the digital assets management system like agencies that execute marketing campaigns for the organization, distributors who may need the digital assets to promote and sell products and partners to effectively work and collaborate throughout the project.

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