transparency and security

Four ways in which innovation is bolstered by the cloud’s transparency and security


Businesses are eager to move their operations to the cloud since doing so helps them innovate more quickly and better meet the needs of their consumers. That is also a major reason why they will succeed in the long run with cloud computing. The remainder of the business will need to make substantial changes to how they go about their work to keep up with the new emphasis on rapid innovation.

The Degree to Which One Can See Through the Clouds

To get the benefits of cloud computing, a business must have full insight into the cloud infrastructure and services it uses. In order to see what’s happening in the cloud, you need access to all accessible telemetry data. All data generated by the infrastructure and its services fall under this category.

The Cloud as a Platform for Innovation and Security

Having the ability to see what’s happening in the cloud has many advantages for a business. In this section, we’ll discuss four of the most typical advantages.

Considering the Need for Adaptability

Cloud services are promoted as the best option for giving enterprises more agility and responsiveness to market changes. The ability to make real-time adjustments to services without requiring any downtime for the modification to take effect is a major advantage they bring. However, this benefit can be drastically diminished if the change is implemented in the wrong place or according to the wrong criteria.

Observance of the Rules

No matter what industry you’re in, there always seems to be a new set of regulations that you must comply with. The FDIC guidelines are one example; the General Data Protection Regulation is another. Should you fail to meet all of their specifications, you run the risk of being fined and seeing a decline in client confidence.

Recognising Flaws and Implementing Improvements

It seems that every year, a wider variety of products and services are discovered to have security issues. Developers must be able to detect newly discovered vulnerabilities across an ever-increasing number of applications and respond appropriately to those vulnerabilities now that they can dynamically deploy new applications without being required to go through the formal (and traditionally manual) review process.

Data Management and Privacy

There are two angles from which to consider data management and privacy. The first step is simply to follow the rules laid out by laws. The second is preventing accidental or malicious disclosure of sensitive information by unapproved parties, which is essential for innovation to occur on the cloud.

Many factors, including those discussed in this article, make cloud visibility crucial to an organization’s success on its cloud journey. Being nimble of body and mind is essential for creative problem solving. You may be quick on your feet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get things done without incident. The success of your efforts to earn the trust of your customers depends on your confidence that the cloud platform you’ve chosen will continue to operate within the parameters you’ve set.