Dominique Boxley And Many More Are Developing Their Business With Technology


Technology is the basic application of scientific knowledge for the practical purposes especially in the industrial sectors. Many of the celebrity investors like Dominique Boxley and others have changed their start up even where technology is concerned.

Literally technology is all about computers and Internet. Technology means the scientific knowledge which we put into the practical form to sort out problems and to create something new which invents more worthy, interesting and useful tools.

Technology and its importance in daily lives

It is true that technology became an important part of everyone’s life. Technology is much important in our daily life; it is making our lives easier than previous.

Especially in health sectors technology is a major part. It has enabled doctors to discover the health problems even when they could not be there at certain time but via Internet they can be there partially.


Another notable thing about technology is communication, which is much significant in today’s life. We can communicate all over the world by using modern technology Internet, social media within a fraction of time.  Businesses are growing to an extend level for such latest technologies. We can interact all over the world and exchange our ideas, techniques in a proper way.

It is quite common these days for each member of a family to have their individual modern technologies. But if anyone will get involved with these technologies more than it’s needed then it can be harmful. So we need to be careful whether we are using it in a wrong way or in a right way. Like if students, youth and children will get addicted to technologies more than its needed then it can spoil their future or can make them lazy which will harm their daily lives. More and more children are getting addicted to social media which is a part of modern technology this can put children in a risk anytime.

Uses of technology in office

Apart from that in schools, colleges, and as well as the offices are using technologies as their medium  like sending assignments, daily timetable, any important sudden notices and many more things. So we can use technology in a useful manner also.

Actually it depends on the people itself that how much we should use it or not use it. There are both advantages and disadvantages but it depends on you totally whether you are using it to make it worth or you are using it where it’s not needed or where it can be harmful.

Some people argue that there are few technological investments like like mobile phones are making people less interactive. Yes that is an important point but also phones are being useful. So there must be pros and cons of every topic or for every matter. But people must know there boundaries and they must be aware of this.

Because many things are there which were used to be made by hands but nowadays being done by machines? So technology is playing a huge role here.

So it’s totally up to people how they will use or they will apply either in right way or in a wrong way.