How to make the right choice for the domain name?


Being here, you must be aware that the domain name is the URL of a website that needs to be unique. No two websites can have the same domain name with the same TLD extension. It means that a domain name is not less than an online property where you can conduct your business.

If you are planning to launch a website, you need to register domain name first. And you need to have a complete understanding of the domain names in order to choose the right one. This write-up covers the most common concepts of the domain name and will help you choose the right one for your business.

  • Do the domain name and the registered business name needs to be exactly the same?

The direct answer is “No”. However, the domain name should be related to the business name so that it can be easily recognized and remembered. For instance, if your registered business name is Green Pro Plumbing, choosing a domain name would not be a good idea. The options you can consider in such a case are:

– greenproplumbing

– greenproplumbers

– greenproplumbingsolutions

What it conveys is your domain name should be similar to your registered business name so that it would be easy for your customers to search for it online.

  • How to choose the particular domain extension?

Though two websites cannot have the same domain name, a domain can have two versions with different extensions. That’s the reason some businesses opt to purchase all the extensions that are available for their business name so that no one can use their business name with a different extension. And when it comes to choosing the right extension for your business domain registration, there are some factors you need to consider.

– Think about the purpose of your website. If it is for online business, you can go for .com and .biz; if it is an organization, you can choose .org; if it is a personal blog, .me would be the right options. You can choose the domain extension according to the purpose of your website.

– Consider the target geographical area of your business and choose the extension accordingly. There are over 200 country-code TLDs, like us for the United States, .ca for Canada, for the United Kingdom, and more.

  • What is the optimum domain name length?

Though you would like to add the location or the target keyword with the domain name of your website (like greenproplumbingbestlondonplumbers), the rule of thumb is to keep the name shorter. According to the studies done on the top websites, the ideal length of a domain name is eight characters. No doubt this length is hard to achieve for many businesses, you should consider this while choosing the domain name and try to keep it shorter.

  • For how long a domain name is valid?

Depending on your service provider, domain registration may last from one year to ten years. So, you need to take into account the expiry date of the domain and renew it before it expires. The reliable service provider will always send you notifications for renewal of the domain; you just need to pay attention to them. As the expiry period, conditions and penalties vary from one service provider to the other, you should check all before you buy a domain name.

Being aware of these important considerations, now you would be able to choose the right name for domain registration of your business. In case you still have some queries, you can ask your service providers about them before you make a purchase.