Using Google Search Console To Improve Your Website’s Visibility


A website without a steady inflow of visitors is a dead one. If no one is visiting your website, then all the great content or offers that you put out there will go by the wayside. As such, if you depend on your website to drive sales or revenue, you have to improved its visibility online.

Using Search Engines to Deliver Traffic to your Website

One of the top channels for getting website traffic from is search engines. The likes of Google, Yahoo, Baidu and more are known as search engines. They help web users to easily find websites that answer search queries that they have.

Among these, Google enjoys a large majority of search usage in Singapore. If you are planning to get local users to visit your website, then you certainly will need to focus on being present on this search engine.

How then can you be informed about your search visibility and performance on Google? Then answer lies in Google Search Console, a free to use online software.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console provides information about the search performance of your website on Google searches.

By entering the performance report, you can use it to find out the number of clicks and impressions that your pages’ listings on Google generated. Furthermore, it gives details about the search queries used.

Based on this metrics such as average click through rate and average position can be found. This should give you a clear idea about your keyword rankings on Google.

Similarly, information about the countries which users reside in or the devices utilised by them to access your website can be found.

Find Out if Google Bots can Crawl Your Web Pages

Other than learning about your website’s visibility performance on Google, Google Search Console also informs you about the actual visibility to Google bots. By utilising the URL inspection tool, you can assess individual pages.

For example, the tool will inform you if the page has been indexed by Google and its mobile usability. If your website is not conducive for Google bots to crawl, it will be stated here. This is true for both desktop and mobile versions of your website.

Site Maps

Google search console allows you to submit your website’s sitemap. This informs Google Bots whenever there is a new page that has just been freshy published. It also tells the bot about the page hierarchy and directory of your website. This makes its crawl more effective and efficient.


Another excellent feature is links which tells you what backlinks your website has. This is a key component of SEO and should be tracked closely.

Engaging a Professional Web Design Agency

Interested to have a highly visible and converting website? Engage a professional web design Singapore agency to help create your website and generate visibility for it today.