Cleaning and Caring for Your Air Rifle



The air rifle is a precision instrument. The working of any air rifle follows the following workflow. There is a mechanism that compresses the air inside the chamber. A transfer port, at the front of the chamber, is sealed by the pellet, which controls the pressure. Once the pressure exceeds inside the chamber, the pellet comes out through the barrel. Such a mechanism needs very precise manufacturing and it is important to maintain your airgun. Let’s see how to find it if your gun needs maintenance, and how to do it yourself.

Finding out what’s wrong with your rifle

If you do not have any prior experience in using a rifle, it will be hard to notice the differences. Disassembling the gun is another option available for you. But, most amateurs would be a bit overwhelmed. The next option is to ask for an expert opinion. Solware is a company that you can rely on.

There are symptoms your air rifles will display, about their problems. Yellow or brown coloured materials inside the barrel, slower pellet, increased forward recoil are all examples of seal issues. Immediately stop using the rifle if you feel like something is wrong.

Oiling the Piston & Seal

Manufacturers recommend a dose of oil at the transfer port & let the gun stand for 6 hours, every 6 months. If you are seeing chunks or brown material or other pellet related issues, you have to look at the seals. Always use high-quality solvents. You don’t want to cut costs on oils as it has a direct impact on rifle performance.

Cleaning the Barrel

There are chances of rust and lead build-up in airguns, depending on type and environment. Use airgun-specific (never use gun oil) oil to clean the barrel with a rod. Repeat cleaning it till the patches are clear. You can use cleaning pellets as well to remove the patches, but expensive.

Protecting the Exterior

One name – Ballistol. It is the product that will protect your body from rust and rug. They are even used in the military to protect their guns. They are safe to use in metal, wood, and plastic stocks.