Network firewall security: An essential security component in 2020


Network firewall security is the most integral part of a networking system. In order to access the global internet services, you need to be secure. The firewall ensures that your internal devices stay protected against any form of malware and spyware activities.

Malware and spyware activities can destroy the entire computer system. It can lead to data breaches and the compromise of confidential information. Being on the network means that you need to be secure with your data.

Firewall services become the most important and evolving technology you would need. You cannot lookout for any kind of firewall for your system. Research about the best firewall and select it to ensure complete protection to your system.

Features that network firewall security must have

Though there are many features that the network firewall security must-have, you need to pay attention to these five. These become the most important ones to make a note of:

  • Dual security: Most of the network firewalls prevent any form of malicious signals from external sources. But, they don’t keep a check on the malicious signals that travel from our system to the external. Network firewall security should be such that it can trace any form of signal that is emanating from your own system to the external.
  • Fight against proxies: The policies that are made in the organizations don’t keep the circumventers in mind. Circumventers include the attacks on the system made from proxy servers and tunnel applications. Your firewall security must take care of this problem and prevent the circumventers from attacking your system. The regular up-gradation of the firewall using artificial intelligence can also be applied.
  • Real-time reporting: Don’t you think you should be made aware during the attack on your system is being done and not after it has crashed? Real-time attacks must be reported by the network firewall security. It can ensure the users to respond quickly to the attacks and rectify any weak links that are present in the system.

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Real-time reporting allows users to know the leaks in their system. In a way, they are provided the flexibility to fix this issue, if reported on time.

  • TCO factor: With security being the most important factor for an IT industry, it should end up growing the IT security industry as a monopoly. The total cost of ownership must not exceed exorbitant levels, which would result in long-term effects. The total cost of ownership includes not only the acquisition charges but also include the cost of licensing the product and further servicing.
  • Avoid Packet filtering firewalls: If you are using your internet services on a daily basis, it is recommended to move away from packet filtering. It is done on a router to prevent any form of packets to malign your system. But, it provides zero filterings against malicious attacks on the application layer.

Is selecting the network firewall security enough?

Surprisingly, selecting network firewall security is never sufficient to provide ultimate security. To provide the ultimate security you must install IDS and IPS and let the three collaborate and protect your system in the longer run.