Tips for Improving Franchise SEO Rankings:

Tips for Improving Franchise SEO Rankings:


If you own a franchise or even a multiple-location local business, search engine optimization will have its own set of issues and challenges for your business. Most such businesses might not have time to manage and market their own website. In such situations, it is always a good idea to hire a franchise SEO marketing agency.

1.Website SEO problems:

Some franchise SEO problems with solutions are mentioned below.

  • Duplicate Content: The basic fundamental tip here is that you need to come up with original, useful content on each page rather than not so useful or duplicate content that already exists. Fill the page with rich and quality content, add unique descriptions, videos, and images to make it attractive and interesting.
  • Interlinking: Concerning the on-page SEO, one needs to remove all the unnecessary interlinking and conduct a backlink audit to ensure your site is up to snuff.
  • Domain Health and Risks: Generally big sites, or the one with lots of backlink clutter, takes more time and effort. Hire an SEO expert to perform a comprehensive SEO audit to eliminate the risks with domain health.

2. Mobile Users:

Nowadays it’s more and more about capturing mobile users. Studies show that mobile searches exceed desktop searches worldwide, with more than 50% of searches coming from mobile, tablets and smartphone platforms.

3.Location Pages:

For location pages, it is important that you provide Google with every detail and also accurate information about all of your business’s physical location. This is significant now with Google My Business pages and the great rise of mobile phones over desktop for search. Google is factoring in all sorts of location-specific information when examining a query made from a mobile device. The better your business details are uploaded and can tap into this trend, the probability of getting more online leads increases.

4.Business Listings:

When it comes to business listings, it is about the basics:

  • Name of the Business
  • Detailed Address
  • Contact details
  • Operating hours

These are the big four factors that Google wants to see consistently as your many customers demand quick access to them. Many times they type in a business-specific word, For Instance- your name followed by a location, this is a strong signal for your business address information.

5. Leveraging Franchise Model:

When it comes to executing SEO tactics, make sure you are not duplicating efforts or wasting resources. Ensure your other franchise locations are in contact with one another so that you aren’t doing the same thing over and over again or are stepping on each others’ toes.

There are numerous ways for franchise businesses to optimize their search engine rankings with the few mentioned above. Also, you can hire a professional franchise SEO service to achieve success in your franchise business.