7 Simple Reasons Why Digital Signatures Are a Must


Have you been hacked before? Chances are, it has probably happened to you or to somebody you know. The worst part is that statistically speaking we will all be affected by malicious online activity at some point. But that doesn’t mean we should make it easy.

We need to fight back and take steps to prevent digital crime.

Luckily, there are easy steps you can take for ensuring your online security. We suggest utilizing Digital Signatures: one of the safest and most secure methods of verifying identity.

What is a Digital Signature and How Does it Work?

Digital Signatures are a form of Electronic Signature (e-signature) but with a stronger authentication process. They’re like a handwritten signature but in an encrypted, digital format. If you need to provide a signature for an online document, your digital signature can verify that a document hasn’t been altered or tampered with while confirming that you’re the real person sending it.

On one end, you use a private password. On the other end, the recipient has a document with a public password. This ensures high security because your digital signature is protected with algorithms and encryption technology. It’s all a handy way to safeguard your documents while protecting your identity.

7 Simple Reasons Why Digital Signatures Are a Must

1.   Security Made Easy

We get it – security is important, but you have things to do! When you need to provide a signature for a document, you simply input your credentials through your Digital Signature to sign. It’s that simple. That’s fast and easy security.

2.   Productivity Boost

Are you sick of time-consuming business processes that never seem to end? One way to streamline processes is to ditch document signing. Skip the physical paperwork and try the digital signature process.

After an initial authentication process to set up your signature, you can validate documents securely in just a click. This decreases paperwork processing time and allows employees to quickly move on to the next task.

3.   Increase Efficiencies

With time-sensitive documents, employees don’t want to waste time on logistics. They also don’t want to the possibility of the documents being hacked or face security issues. With a cloud-based digital signature system you send, sign, and process fast and securely.

4.   Save Money

Needless to say, we’re not doing business in 1994 anymore and by going fully digital you’re opening the possibility of seriously saving on supply costs. We’re talking about saving money on printing, stationery, ink, and everything else involved. Not to mention saving on the cost of space, document filing, and document retrieval.

5.   Customer Experience

If a customer, supplier, or employee’s life is made easier by speeding up the paperwork process, you’re winning. Increasing the pace of paperwork and bureaucracy with the click of a button translates to a more efficient business and happy customers.

6.   Strong Security

Digital Signatures can be even more secure than having a person signing a document in front of you. Your document is encrypted, and you’re able to see who signed it and the time and date.

7.   Client Satisfaction

Clients enjoy it when you take steps to secure their data. They like knowing that only the correct people are getting access to their information. Confidence is key to any relationship, especially in such a fast-paced digital world.

Many industries and individual departments are massively benefitting from the use of Digital Signatures. These include:

  • Construction/Services Industry: Perfect for businesses that need any sort of sign-off from their customer.
  • Finance & Insurance Industry: Banks, Home and Auto Loan Offices, and Insurance Companies.
  • Government Agencies: Employment, Governmental Assistance, and Financial Aid.
  • HR Departments: New Hire Paperwork, Tax Documents, and Open Enrollment Forms.
  • Legal Industry: Attorneys, Law Clerks, and Advocacy Offices.
  • Real Estate Industry: Lending Agencies, Mortgage Companies, and Rental Management.

How to Get a Digital Signature

It’s a good idea to work with a provider that can design custom low code applications that are tailored towards simplifying your business processes.

One example of this type of product in action is TrinitySignature – an application designed to work with your existing platforms. Having an ability to obtain a quick and secure online signature is imperative to running an effective business. Guarantee that your signed paperwork is authentic and your client knows their information is protected.